Best VPN and Proxy Services for Online Marketers

Online marketers, like everyone else, should be very concerned about the exposure that occurs online when your computers IP Address is visible. The average computer user is already a target for people who want to steal information and data, but online marketers become a bigger target because their data is even more “usable” to hackers. Online marketing is an extremely competitive business that can be very cut-throat at times. Any means that can produce an advantage will often be exploited regardless of the ethical dilemma or social responsibility. All the more reason to remain invisible in this cloak and dagger game.



Cloak of Invisibility:

There is a variety of ways that can cause an Internet user to become invisible, but the options are not all the same. They say that the devil is in the details, and when choosing a VPN or a Proxy Service that is very true. This brings us to the word “Best,” which should represent a red flag for most readers. Why? Because best is never a constant term that can be applied a group of people. Rather it is a range of positives and negatives that can be applied to an individual user, but not an entire population. In short, what is best for me might not best for you. We each have different goals and plans on how to attain those goals. So when choosing the best VPN or Proxy you have to think about what is best for you and your goals. Below are some topics that might help you make that decision. You can use www.hidemyass.com as a tool to compare other proxy and VPN services.

Anonymous Browsing:

Not only should you remain invisible while on the Internet, you should be invisible to your VPN or Proxy. Some services record the actions of their users and then use that information for their own profit. Make sure that whatever VPN or Proxy that you use is not tracking your online activities. This is especially true of free services.

Wide Array of Service Areas:

The wider the service area the better. You need to be able to go where you want to go, when you need to go there. Looking for a service with the highest number of servers in other countries. The more servers per country the faster the service will be, and the better your opportunities will be to find whatever you need to find. Whether you are gathering data on social trends, product trends, or just spying on your competition, being able to get into a lot of other countries via the Internet is beneficial.

IP Address:

A quality service will have a high number of available IP Address, and they should provide you with a new IP Address each time you log onto the service. Fewer IP Addresses mean that you may have to wait to use the service and that is not conducive to doing business.

Money Back Guarantee:

Any company you do business with should have a money back guarantee. You should be able to try out the service to see if it is a fit for your needs without having to risk an entire year subscription. A money back guarantee is a clue that will help you figure out how a company treats its consumers.

Anonymous Email:

If you are marketing something, you should have the option of using an anonymous email address to send and receive mail. These are especially helpful if you are sending out mass emails or marketing campaigns. A scheduling feature for sending email is a good option too.

Online vs Download:

A quality service will offer and either or scenario for accessing their service. Not every browser platform will work with downloaded software, and for that reason alone a log-in service is better in a global market. Having the option for both allows you to participate with every client or customer that you attract.

In closing, review your own goals and determine which VPN is best. We recommend hidemyass.com because of its cutting edge technologies and its huge presence on the global market.



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