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BTGuard Review – Is it Worth the Money?

Services like BitTorrent allow you to download unlimited content for free. Yet sometimes your ISP might limit the volume of content you can download through the client. This is done by shaping the traffic and other means. Fortunately, there is an effective way to bypass this: BTGuard. BTGuard hides your IP address from other downloaders using BitTorrent at the same time as you while preventing your ISP from limiting your downloading activity. All this sounds exciting and useful, but is it foolproof? The following lines will help you answer this question. If you are looking for BTGaurd reviews, you have come to the right place.

How it Works

BTGuard uses the Socks5 proxy, which enables you to pass your BitTorrent traffic. If anyone tries to track your activity, your IP address will not show up. Instead, the BTGuard IP address will show up, preventing your activity from being tracked down. Even people who are using the same torrent as you won’t be able to detect your IP address. The proxy hides your overall online activity even beyond BitTorrent. However, the catch here is that not many browsers support Socks5, so you cannot make the most of it.

BTGuard and BitTorrents explained:


Setup Process

You have to set up a BTGuard account before you can start using it. The great thing about the setup process is that it is incredibly simple and easy. You won’t have any issues as the only information you are required to provide is your IP address and port number. This, along with your username and password, enable you to use BTGuard. Another remarkable feature of BTGuard is that it provides clear instructions on how to set up your account and directs you towards the best clients you can use. This way, selecting a client for configuring your proxy is easier for you.


For users with fast connections and regular downloading habits, this is a bit of a letdown. If your average downloading speed is over 1MB/s, using BTGuard might bring that down to around 100KB/s. This increases the time it takes for the file to download. Moreover, you aren’t able to make the most of your bandwidth. If you download occasionally, you might be disappointed by the speed.


When using BTGuard, you permit the service to access your IP details and other information. This is because you are using their server to hide your IP address, so you cannot prohibit them from obtaining your data. This is something where it is difficult to pick a side. On one hand, BTGuard is free to use your information but there have been no instances where a user’s information has been wrongly used. So, when it comes to trustworthiness, BTGuard has proven to be reliable. However, the end decision is yours to make.


When it comes to security, there are some concerns with BTGuard. For one, the people operating the service are extremely secretive. They haven’t provided much relevant information about BTGuard. Plus, there is no clear-cut privacy policy nor do you get any information regarding who is operating the service. This may cause serious doubts about security and reliability. While they haven’t misused their privileges till now, this level of secrecy does make one wonder.


Currently, BTGuard charges its customers $6.95. Given that there are many users out there who regularly use BitTorrent, there is little doubt about its potential. Keeping in mind the features that are provided to you as well as the drawbacks mentioned above, the price is fair and most people would be willing to pay it. However, the issue is not whether the price is right or not. The issues with reliability and speed in particular are what influence the final decision. In most cases, the person would not opt for BTGuard.

Final Word

There is no option but to sit on the fence when it comes to passing a final verdict on BTGuard. The service has proven to be effective and reliable yet there are niggling issues with speed and security. However, you cannot ignore the fact that it is priced quite reasonably that the average BitTorrent user can easily afford it. This is a case of see-it-to-judge-it. If you are interested, you can download and try BTGuard. The application may win you over and become your No. 1 software.

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