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Indonesia may be an island nation, but the web territory that is defined as Indonesia exists beyond the nations borders. Choosing the best VPN is really dependent upon what you want to accomplish. The best piece of advice is to choose a VPN that has as many servers as possible within the country that you want access to. For Indonesia, this means near by islands, as well. The Indonesian government, like many other governments of smaller nations, has restricted access to the Internet within the web zone of Indonesia. They method that governments use to restrict access is a geographic barrier. This means that unless you are located within the geographic definition of that countries Internet zone, then you will not be allowed to access all of the public and private websites that are available.



How Governments block Incoming and Outgoing Internet Traffic:

Through the development of relationships/partnerships with Internet Service Providers (ISP), public access points, such as an internet cafe to enforce geographic restrictions on all Internet traffic. They do this to limit exposure of cultural and non-cultural events that happen within that country. Some of what they restrict would be a cause for world governmental agencies such as NATO to become involved in how the Indonesian Government manages the affairs of its people.

When you access the Internet, part of the information that is contained within your IP Address is your nation of residence. For those Internet users who live in the United States, your computer IP Address provides information on which state you live, what city you live in, and of course what nation in which you live. When a firewall or website server in Indonesia encounters your computers IP Address is blocks it, simply because of what your computer IP Address has told it. The same is true for other countries and people who try to access the Indonesian Internet from outside of that nation.

What To Look For in a VPN Service:

There are a number of characteristics that mark a VPN as quality. Those include the cost of services, and how many IP Address and servers the VPN controls. It may also include the degree of virtual anonymity that the VPN can offer. Another issue might be how the VPN charges for bandwidth. The last point should always be whether or not the VPN offers a guarantee.

Cost of Services:

There are some VPNs that offer free service, but those should be checked into by looking at customer satisfaction. Remember that nothing is really free, and the cost associated with those free services might be a reduction in security. Another quality feature of a paid services can be found in how many types of service packages they offer to clients. At a minimum, they should offer a monthly subscription and a pay-as-you-need type of plan. Those two types of plans cover almost everyone who would need the service. Evaluating your Internet usage can help you to answer the question, which service plan is right for me.


There are different levels of Anonymity and a quality VPN will offer it’s users more than just once choice. Complete anonymity means you are not visible at all. Some services may cloak you but leave your computer’s IP Address exposed on certain levels. It is important to ask about the levels of anonymity that are offered. One key aspect to look for is whether or not your computer will be given a new IP Address each time you access the service. Having a new IP Address each time can prevent blocking and tracking of that IP Address.


Many services charge by the amount of bandwidth or traffic that you produce/use. A quality VPN will have a subscription that offers unlimited bandwidth. Even if, you do not need unlimited bandwidth, make sure that option is available. VPN’s that do not offer that service have not considered their most active clients. Since clients are charged, in part, based on how much they use the service if there is not an option for unlimited usage, than that VPN is interested only in making money.



Guarantee of Service:

Always look for a money back guarantee. That service says a lot about the VPN. It says they are willing to refund your money if you are not happy with their service. It also allows potential clients to utilize the services with limited exposure to subscription charges.

Remember that there are ways around geographical Internet blocks. If you need to access restricted areas, then you can so so by utilizing the services of a VPN. Look for a quality VPN when you shop and use the tools that are provided here to find a quality service that meets your

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