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EarthVPN Review – Is EarthVPN Worth the Money?

earth vpn review

Apart from surveillance by government, your information is also under potential threat from hackers, most probably if you are using public networks. There are tons of VPNs out there and it can be a chore to compare each and pick out the best. Here is the Earth VPN review. You will hear of this company promising fast as lightening connections and small monthly rates; let’s find out if that really is the case or not.

Does It Work On Your Operating System

The first thing that everyone looks for is a service that gives software compatibility to your operating system. This is very important if you are using more than one device that you want protected. Unlike some of the VPN, Earth VPN is easily compatible with operating systems like Android, Linux, iOS, Mac and Windows. If you use a bunch of Wi-Fi enabled devices, this service will function seamlessly for them all.

The Features

The features of each VPN service are what make a difference for VPN software and help you come to a decision of which one is best suited to your particular needs.

Multiple Connections

When a VPN service offers you to connect the VPN to different devices at the same time without having to account for an additional service plan, it’s a plus on their side. The best thing about Earth VPN is that it allows you to have multiple connections simultaneously without having to go about and paying an extra charge.

Cash Back Guarantee

If a company is ready to offer you a money back guarantee, it is not just for your peace of mind but also lets you know that they stand behind everything they claim about their service. Earth VPN gives you a week’s money back guarantee without any hassle. If you think that their service is not right for you, you can always get a refund within 7 days of your purchase.

The Quantity of Servers

The more number of servers a service offers,  the better you can judge its fast connectivity. If you are always traveling for work or anything else, then this is definitely one feature that you need to scrutinize. When you are using public networks on the go, that is when you will need a good VPN with plenty of servers wherever you are travelling to.

Earth VPN gets you access to servers present in 151 different cities and 32 nations over all. Most of these locations are centered near Europe and North America.

Referral Program

Most people look specifically for this feature, and some services do offer simple kick backs if you refer the services to others. But you will be disappointed by Earth VPN on this feature as they do not offer any referral program to their customers at all.

Data Logging

The whole idea behind using a VPN is that you protect your privacy. This means that whatever you decide to do, don’t make the mistake of signing up with a service that tracks and keeps logs of all your activity. Earth VPN’s strict policy is to not record anything from their customer’s data.


If you are used to streaming and watching shows online then you will most definitely need a healthy bandwidth to keep your serial watching activities supplied. Earth VPN offers all of its customers with unlimited bandwidth in every one of the service plans. In other words, you will not have to fear hitting a cap. This is definitely what getting the bang for your buck is all about.


The VPN that can get over a block on streaming and get you Netflix is amazing. However, if it is not protecting your information at the same time, then it is simply a rip off. Earth VPN gives its customers complete protection along with 256 bit encryption, and that’s an added L2TP protocol for good measure.

What do all those numbers mean anyway? It means that you can easily use VPN while you are on the go, without having to worry about data being stolen.

When you are done installing this software, it is very easy to use in the fact that you do not need the aid of customer support at all. The software is easy to navigate and incredibly user friendly. The options on the software are more than enough, including the choice to customize your settings for the connection.


  • It comes with unlimited Bandwidth
  • The software is easy and simple to use
  • The monthly rates are very low
  • Fast connection


  • Referral program is not offered
  • You will face a roundabout method of set up
  • You can reach customer support only through email

earth vpn review

To sum it all up, Earth VPN is an excellent service for securing your personal information, while giving you access to any content you want. Check out the pricing details for EarthVPN here.

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