Everify Reverse Email Look up Tool Review

Everify’s Reverse Email look up is the missing link that has kept honest people buried in spam. Not only is there the annoyance of spam emails, many emails these days are just downright dangerous. Virus and Trojans are most spread through email attachments. Email Lookup is how we can take control of our inbox, spam box, etc. The process is similar to a reverse phone number look up.

What is it?

Everify’s Reverse Email Lookup is a tool that allows people to look up an email address and discover for whom it belongs. It is helpful because emails are not always common names or easy to figure out. Sure you might recognize the emails of your close friends, but not everyone who sends you an email is a close friend. Once you discover who owns the email, you can find out as much information as you want about that person. So what this is a tool that allows you to find out who owns an email account, as well as information about that person. Then you can decide if you want to open the email that they have sent or just delete it.

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 How does it work?

The process is very simple. Type in a valid email address into the search box. Hit the search button and the program will search the worlds largest email database registry. This is a database that contains over 1 billion email records. Once the search is complete, the program shows you how many records it found, and then allows you to figure out what information within those records that you want. It can tell you the name of the person for which the email belongs. It can tell you the address and location of the owner of the email. It can also provide you with a full background check if need be. The service is comprehensive in nature, and can link you to many other valuable services that allow you to conduct criminal background checks, etc.

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Why would I use it?

Why wouldn’t you use this program? Despite the fact that some of the services they offer are paid subscriptions, this tool allows you to put safety first. Considering that malware and Identity theft are two of the worlds fastest growing Internet issues, safety is all the more important to everyone. It takes a Trojan only 20 minutes to find and infect viable host on the Internet. To infect your computer all you have to do is open an email or an email attachment. Using a service like this helps you recognize friendly emails from people you know. Everyday dozens of emails hit your inbox that are from questionable sources. Some are legitimate, and others contain malware. Malware contains virus, trojans, keyloggers, and spyware. All of these forms of malicious software are designed to harm you or your computer. Being able to tell which email to open and which email to destroy is powerful, but there are other reasons to know the people around you, as well.

Going on a date for the first time with someone you just met? Check out their email address to see what you can find out about them. From the email result, you can find out their web history. Do they visit sites for which you might not approve? Do they have a criminal record? If you opt for a background check, you can find out if they have court records. All of the public information that regards them is pretty much at your finger tips.

As a review, Everify’s Reverse Email look up is powerful and easy to use. The remarkable thing about this service is that it has been missing from the list of available Internet tools for far too long. Since the primary focus of marketing these days is via the Internet, everyone with an email address has been put at risk. Government agencies around the world are warning people about the dangers of phishing scams and identity theft. Then there is the degeneration of society and the lack of ethics from trusted companies. Spyware is a product of corporate marketing and data gathering. It has since become a tool of hackers, but its inception was through marketing. This is where the power of Everify’s tools comes into practical application for all of us. There are hosts of security measures and programs that help to protect our computers from online attacks. We have constructed firewalls behind firewalls as a means to protect us from hackers and yet, all of those threats remain. Every single email that we receive is a potential threat. Even those emails that we receive from friends and family. The entire idea of Internet security is somewhat of a scam if these threats continue to remain hostile.

Frankly, I applaud Everify for the opportunity that they have given to all of us. Right now is the first time that I do not feel like I must rely upon the strength of just my anti virus program. I can now take matters into my own two hands and check an email before I open it. Technology changes rapidly, which is also the weak link in Internet security. The bad guys evolve just as fast as the good guys and the people caught in the middle are Internet users around the globe.

As a product, this is a service that should appeal to everyone, and not just specific demographic markets. If you check your spam box right now, you will find a number of emails from Nigerians who are offering to split a fortune with you in exchange for your bank account information. Most of us recognize those emails as a scam, but not all of us do. If people were not responding to the lure of these offers, that form of scamming would have died out. Clearly there is a need for people to protect themselves from Internet dangers. Everify makes it possible for all of us to take that power into our own hands with their simple to use and effective tools.

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