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Is it worth using any of the free online VPN services that are out there? The truest answer to that question is dependent upon how much you need a VPN service and how often you utilize the services offered by free VPNs. If you are the occasional user, then they are probably fine to use so long as your computers security system is up to date. If you are someone who requires the services of a VPN daily, than you are probably not going to get on well with the free VPN services out there. Here is why.



Slower Services:

A problem with many free online VPN services is that their connection speed, download speed, etc are very slow. This is one of the costs associated with free services. Without the financial support of members, VPNs must reply on other income streams and that means cutting costs where they can. In this case, one of the areas where costs are cuts is in performance. Another aspect of speed that can be discussed here is that the more people who use the services at the same time, the slower the service becomes.

Fewer Services:

Free is not going to come with all the bells and whistles that consumers want. Sure, there are plenty of people out there happy with the quality of free services. Free VPNs offer the basics because that is what most of their clients are look for when they shop for VPN services. The majority of VPN users usually have a very limited use for VPN, and by focusing on those trends in users usage, Free VPNs can control costs.

Adware Supported:

Be prepared to deal with ads. This is how the VPN earns its income. Ad supported revenue can be dangerous. Look at how Google and Facebook scan all of your information to determine the best ads to place on your pages. This is likely true of most free VPNs. Ad focus means higher clicks, means higher ad revenue for the VPN. Are they watching what you do in private? How would you know? We know that proxy services can daisy chain servers so that the third and fourth servers are invisible and yet they are recording everything that you do. The precedent is there for Free VPNs to do the same. Motive and Opportunity in the form of ad revenue and a lot of unsuspecting clients.

Fewer Servers in the network:

Perhaps the highest use of a VPN service besides anonymous surfing is overcoming geographical barriers on the Internet. Free VPNs do not look to make money from they clients. They look to make money from alternative sources such as ad revenue. This is why you will often find fewer servers around the world with a Free VPN service, than with a traditional subscription service. It costs money to buy, install and upkeep servers.


We mentioned early, the daisy chain method that is used by many free proxy services to spy on their clients. The question was posed whether or not if Free VPNs do the same. It is pretty difficult to answer that question outright, but we can explain it like this. If your income is based on client fees, who do you keep happiest? Your clients, right? When FREE is encountered on the Internet, then you have to ask yourself how does this site/business support itself. If that answer is anything other than monthly subscriptions or donations, than you have to realize that your presence there is only a means of creating revenue for that site/business. Those types of services do not normally have their clients safety and interest at the top of their to do list. They focus on creating revenue by using clients either to watch/view ads, or to sell the data that they collect. Is this Safe? Does not seem to be.

In closing this blog, keep in mind that nothing is ever really free. As a consumer, it costs you to use a Free service, but the price you pay is not a clear and set fee. You have to make those decisions for yourself, and determine if it is better to risk free, or to pay.



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