Google Chrome Users How To Hide Your IP Address While Browsing

There are many reasons why you might want to hide your IP Address when surfing the Internet using any browser, but especially when using Google Chrome. They say that Google makes over $5,000 in ad revenue from each account that it issues. Have you considered what you get in return for using gmail’s free email account? You might think that you get nothing, but the sad truth is you get something. What you get is spied upon. Google searches through every word in every email that you send and receive. They use that information to place ads in your email, and on every single page that you visit. When you use Google Chrome, that spying continues. They carry over the spy campaign to include everything that you search for when using Chrome. Clearly what you do on the Internet is your own business, and if anyone should be profiting from it, it should be you.

Step 1:

The First step in taking back your privacy is to go to This site will tell you what your public IP Address. Write down the IP Address that is displayed there. You will need that number later to verify that your computers IP Address has been changed.

Step 2:

Log into This is a VPN (virtual Private Network). You will need to create an account, and you will want to keep track of the password and user name that you choose when you open your account. You will need to enter that data later in the process. Once connected to the VPN you will be able to surf the Internet without being seen. Step 3 will help you to make sure that you are indeed invisible. TIP: Before connecting your computer with the VPN, make sure you delete all of your computers cookies. Cookies like to tattle on you and sometimes they will reveal your true IP Address without telling you.

HMA Proxy

Step 3:

Launch Google Chrome Web browser, and then repeat step 1. Check to see if your computers IP Address has changed.

Google Chrome Incognito Mode:

Google Chrome also allows you to enter Incognito Mode, which is not the same as hiding your IP Address, but it helps keep your computer free of “evidence.” Follow these pictorial steps to engage Incognito Mode.

Step 1: Open the Tool Bar Menu:

Step 1

Step 2: Choose “New Incognito Window:

Step 2

Step 3: Confirmation will be in the form of a new browser window with the Incognito welcome blurb.

Step 3

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