Blocked from Viewing a web page or forum from a particular location or IP Address?

What to do when you have been  blocked from Viewing a web page or forum from a particular location or IP Address ?

Throughout the years, the internet has been a vast repository of information, and although not everything is valuable; there’s no denying how indispensable it has been to all its users. Because of that, copyright issues have been aired and different laws have been enacted to protect certain data from public access. Now, more websites, blogs and forums take advantage of their right to restrict other viewers from certain locations in accessing their pages. Browsing all these websites isn’t that safe after all. There could always be someone monitoring your browsing footprints.



With Out VPN
Imagine hopping to these websites and leaving behind traces of information that can be easily tracked by those who want to. Your IP address just like your home address is an important data about you that can fall into the wrong hands, even when you’re just simply browsing websites of cute photos, videos and even private-owned sites. That’s why masking your IP address is an important tool—a wise decision—that anyone who are always online should learn. By masking your IP, you can get access to restricted data; hide your online browsing info such as your IP address—it’s like walking without leaving footprints. There are many web proxy services online and their goal is to act as online anonymizers. They can mask your IP address while you’re browsing, so you can easily view data from different sites without leaving your online footprints that can be traced back to you. These web proxies can also protect you from network infringements or hackers that may try to extract your online data.

Proxy services, specifically Hide My Ass, provide unlimited anonymous surfing for free. Aside from free web proxies, you can also access their VPN services and sign-up for anonymous emails. Hide My Ass can help you avoid online obtrusions right on your browser, without having to download any software.
The whole process is simple. Let’s say you want to access a MetaCafe video and it’s blocked on your location; or what about if your school or office network providers block certain websites like Facebook and Youtube? By using Hide My Ass, your IP will be changed to a new location. It can also bypass internet restrictions set by the internet providers outside your home. Every time you visit a web address, your request is re-routed through the proxy server from another location; so the website blocking you will interpret this as a request from another IP and you will be able to access their restricted pages.

If you have been blocked or banned from your favorite forum—what the owner did was took note of your IP address (it is often visible when you log into forums) and blocked it from their server. You can bypass this by using Hide My Ass proxy to hide your IP address. You will be assigned a different IP that is based on another location. It would virtually look like you’re living in another county. Aside from that, each web page you visit will be encrypted, expiring right after you leave the session. So if someone will try to sneak on your browsing history—to check what web sites you visit often. They won’t be able to see anything but garbled texts because of the encryption.

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