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Hide My IP Address 5.3 is an easy to use 5th generation anonymous surfing software program that is designed to keep your IP address hidden while you surf the Internet. Positive changes within the programs platform have addressed and corrected past issues and problems. As expected with any software brand that has been around the block, the latest addition improves consumer use of the program, while technical advances within the software have produced a world-class product.



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Improvements To Version 5.3:

Hide My IP Address 5.3 is the latest offering from an already impressive anonymous surfing platform. The latest updates include enhanced interface production, compatibility improvements, frequent data/software updates to match improvements in technology, offers more IP addresses, and server locations. Plus, they offer free access and unlimited updates to their consumers.

What These Improvements Mean To Consumers?

The enhanced interface improvements, that were made to Hide My IP, were designed to meet the changes within operating systems and browsers. These have been important changes to the program because as technology grows and changes, so do the threats from the Internet. It is important that anonymous surfing software work with new operating systems and browsers. These changes make it easier for users actually to use the software.

A key component consumers should consider when looking for quality software companies can be found in the company’s willingness to continually improve their product. Hide My IP, as a program, makes that statement and has shown in this upgrade that they mean what they say. The face of technology changes rapidly and security software that is designed for the Internet needs to change just as rapid as the technology around it.

Another Key component that impressed me about Hide My IP Address 5.3 is that this is the 5th generation of this product. That is an important tip to consumers because it takes market presence to survive in the competitive world of security software. I liked too that this program has been awarded two very prestigious industry awards; a perfect score from Two Cows, and the Editors Pick from Brothersoft. Award wining and industry recognition are important.

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 What Does Hide My IP Do and Why:

Now that the nuts and bolts have been identified, lets take a look at what this software does for consumers. First, this is an anonymous surfing software which means that it is used by consumers who want to hide their computers IP Address from being displayed by any of the public information portals on the Internet. There are a lot of opportunities for hackers to find out anybodies IP address. The danger of surfing the Internet without hiding or masking your IP address is real. The IP address that is issued to your computer by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is a direct link to your computer. The only thing that stands between your computer’s IP Address and the dangers of the Internet is your router and antivirus program, and both are not always enough to stop hackers. To help make this point, I recently read an MSN article issued by the UK domestic spy chief (MI5) who warned of increased Chinese state sponsored cyber-spying aimed at world businesses. The article brought home how important anonymous surfing programs are.

What Hide My IP 5.3 does is it provides a solid and untraceable false IP Address that the world can see while hiding the real IP Address that is issued to your computer. The Internet is complex and information about your computer and how your computer operates is needed by each web component or website that your computer interacts with. This includes an IP Address but not necessarily the IP address that identifies your computer, which is why using a false IP address works well to hide your identity. The IP Address is used by each website and web component to keep track of requests from your computer. Without an IP Address, a website would not know which of the many computers that are interfacing with it at the same time asked to see which product or photograph. Web surfing would become a jumbled mess pretty quickly. So, while, an IP Address is needed, the IP Address that is used does not have to be the true IP Address of your computer.



On the back side, of this is the darker side of Internet spying. In order for a hacker, to be successful they must be able to make contact with your computer. To find your computer, they need to know your IP Address. Hide MY IP makes that task impossible as hackers are only able to trace your visible IP address back to the Hide My IP servers. The search for your real IP Address ends there.


Hide My IP Address 5.3 is a full Circle program because this program allows people to surf the Internet from many different countries around the world. One of the largest issues that face Internet users these days is censorship. That is not so much of an issue anymore because Hide My IP has servers all over the world, and users can log in and enjoy content that would normally be blocked by local governments.

To Hide My IP Address and for anyone else who may look to surf the Internet anonymously I recommend Hide My IP Address 5.3. They offer 128-Bit SSL connection encryption (top of the line) and have added many new locations around the world. Their security features include IP Auto-Rotation so you are given a new IP Address automatically. The service is upgradable to a premium platform, which offers users many more of the best options. Overall, I was impressed with how simple the program is to use. I liked the fact that the program is smart enough to delete cookies every time I change IP Addresses and their cookie crumble feature along with the fact that this program supports all browsers really won me over. A very pleasant and easy to use program that I would feel comfortable installing on my mothers computer.



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  • I agree, while the trial software was slow.. once I bought the license, I have no complaints. It appears to do everything I need and does it with ease! Nice review, btw.

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