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Hidemyass Software Review Surf The Internet Anonymously

This Hidemyass software review will cover some of the fundamental questions that consumers may have about Hidemyass and the services that it provides to people who want to surf the internet anonymously.

Not all VPN services are the same, despite the similar advertising. This review is the result of personal testing I’ve done over the years, trying to get the best value for my money.

What is Hidemyass.com?

Hidemyass is a VPN (Virtual Private Network) platform that offers clients the ability to hide their IP Address.

Why Is This Program Important To Consumers?

Any consumers who frequents the Internet should find this program important and beneficial. The program allows users to participate in Internet activities while remaining completely anonymous. HideMyAss also provides VPN, Web Proxy, IP Port Proxies, Anonymous Email, Easy to Use File Upload technology, Anonymous Referrer technology and Privacy Software as key features of the platform. What all of this means in plain English, is that the HideMyAss Software has something of value for everyone. In the following paragraphs, I will go into detail about these features so that people can understand the value.

Hide My Ass Security

How Will Hide My Ass Help To Protect Me?

There are several ways that HideMyAss helps to protect consumers. Their proxy service will assign you a false IP Address which enables the user to surf without anyone being able to find out what your real IP Address is. Their privacy software is flexible enough that consumers can choose their own level of encryption. What is even more important is that the program supplies easy to understand definitions and rationales that empower the consumer to make an informed decision without having to have a Masters Degree in Computer Information Science.

Easy to use, technologically advanced, and powerful enough to get the job done…this is the basic definition of HideMyAss and what it can do for consumers. One of the key features of this product is that it is free for those of us who use it sparingly or it can be upgraded to the pro level for those people who require constant security while online.

You Are Here

The Pro Version offers 260 VPN servers in 49 different countries which total up to a whopping 29,500 available IP Addresses. Better yet, is that with the Pro VPN, there is no limit placed on usage. This is a great idea for businesses and business people who travel the globe. The VPN keeps file upload and data transfer secure and invisible.

What is Anonymous Email?

I love this service. It is one of my favorite service that HideMyAss offers. I am thankful for this service every time I am asked to provide my email address before I can enter a website. Anonymous email is an email address that is set up at the server level and allows the user to screen emails from there rather than allowing unknown people and websites to have your real email address. This is important for several reasons.

First it prevents malware, spyware, and virus from entering your computer through an email or email attachment. Second, it allows the user to maintain an anonymous presence because using a HideMyAss anonymous email address prevents your email service from giving away your IP Address. That’s right, each time you send and email, your Email service attaches your IP Address to the email header.

Oops! Even if you thought you were being anonymous by sending an email through a made up account, you are not, because yahoo, gmail, etc all post your IP Address in each email header or footer that you send. That is why using an anonymous email is important because the only IP Address that is conveyed is the IP Address of HideMyAss. Therefore, your true IP Address is kept anonymous at all times.

File Upload is EASY and SECURE:

HideMyAss makes File upload and sharing documents/files easy. The system is has many built in security features that help to keep your data and uploads safe. The platform is set up in such a way as to allow consumers to choose many of the security features that appeal to them. A file sharing protocol can be set up so that it is password protected. This means that only people who know the password may download files from that account. Users can block geographic locations such as countries or even continents that can or can not down load data from your account.

Security features allow the user to set or restrict certain IP Addresses or even ranges of IP Address from accessing the subscribers data.

The best feature may be that the account owner can limit how many times a file can be downloaded. If you only want to share the file once, then set the limit to one download. If you want to share the file for the next two weeks, then set an expiration date according to your schedule.

This all means that as a platform, which is designed to provide a safe, and anonymous Internet experience, HideMyAss is sophisticated enough to thwart malicious activity but simple enough to use that even basic computer users can master the program.

hide my ass file upload

Key Features – At a Glance

Here’s a quick summary of the key features (updated regularly):

  • Over 890 VPN servers
  • 210+ countries
  • 120,000+ IP addresses
  • L2TP, PPTP, OpenVPN, and SSL protocols available
  • Compatible with all devices and operating systems
  • 30 money back guarantee
  • Load Balancing (HMA pro plan)
  • Multiple payment options (Credit Card, Bitcoin, PayPal, Wire transfers, WebMoney, and more…)
  • Multiple customer support options (email, blog, forums, knowledge base, and LiveChat)
  • Monthly, bi-annually, or annually renewing payment options

HideMyAss Software Review Final Thoughts

Anyone who is looking for a quality platform from which to enjoy the world wide web should consider using HideMyAss.

The platform is sophisticated enough to be used by business or everyday users. The methods by which data can be uploaded and shared is not only state of the art it a simple and easy to use software package. The benefits of using HideMyAss are many. I was impressed with both the free services or the upgraded pro/VPN service that is offered as a subscription.

HideMyAss has an impressive number of available IP Address available, and users can be equally impressed with the company’s presence around the world. They offer service to 210+ countries. They offer 121060+ IP Address so consumers will experience instant access.

The newer upgrades includes service for Google Chrome and Firefox browsers. In short, whether the service is being used for business or for personal use, HideMyAss makes it easy, safe and secure to utilize the Internet. I happily recommend HideMyAss to anyone who is looking for anonymous Internet service.

hide my ass is easy to use

 HideMyAss Pricing Options

There’s a few different pricing options that you may want to consider, depending on your needs and budget. The following is a an overview of their current pricing offerings:

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