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HideMyAss vs AstrillVPN – Which VPN Service is a Better Value for the Money?

These two VPN provider giants are customer oriented and provide almost the same service but in their own unique way. Hidemyass (HMA) was born in 2005 and has now acquired an extremely large following. Their entire system is fairly simple and an ease for their loyal customers as well as potential customers. Astill, also one of the market giants, was initiated in 2009. Their customers belong from 190 different counties in the world. They provide business as well as personal VPN services to their clients. In this article I will contrasting HMA vs AstrillVPN to see which provides better features and value.


  • At the time of commencement of VPN, providers took advantage of its exclusivity by charging high rates to their customers. However, in the recent years, there has been a great boom of VPNs and the former providers had no chance but to lower their prices in order to grow and stay competitive.
  • The prices of both these VPN providers are nearly the same, with a slight difference. HMA’s lowest package is for $6.55/ month while Astrill’s lowest package starts from $5.83/ month. The difference does not seem much. But the user has to pay 72 cents extra every month.


  • There are different operating systems these VPN providers work on. They are almost the same. The three major operating systems in use are Linux, Mac and Windows. HMA and Astrill both work extremely well with all three of them. This means that no matter which PC you will use, you can fully enjoy the VPN services.
  • Apart from the PC and laptops, there has been a massive increase of usage of smartphones. Individuals also need VPN services for their smartphones. The compatibility of the VPN providers has to be determined.

o   HMA works seamlessly on Nokia, Windows, iPhone and Android devices. It also works on iPads and iPods.

o   Astrill only works on iPhone and Android. Currently, they do not provide services for Windows phone and Nokia. However, it works well on iPods and iPads.

  • HMA clearly has an advantage over Astrill when it comes to compatibility.


Here are some technical comparisons between Astrill and HMA.

  • HMA provides support to active Total IPs and IP addresses.
  • These two features are the most crucial qualities of a good VPN provider. However, Astrill does not provide these features to their customers.
  • The protocols of HMA are more as compared to Astrill. These protocols include SSTP, SSL and IPSec.

Final Words

Even though there are numerous VPN providers available all over the internet from across the world, HMA and Astrill have managed to maintain their top positions. Each of them has their own customer following because of their excellent services. In conclusion, it can be said that it is extremely hard to choose between one of these giants since each has its own pros and cons. Preference would largely depend on the user’s requirements, budget and usage. I would give the slight edge to HMA, if you are just starting out. You can read my full review of HMA here. You can also directly see the different pricing plans for HMA here.

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