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HideMyAss vs Cyberghost – Which is the Better VPN Service?

hma vs cyberghost

Hidemyass (HMA) is considered as the leader of VPN commercial services. HMA provides its users with the best Pro VPN technology and a secure connection for their users. HMA can change user’s IP address with a certain time interval.

HMA is not alone in providing such services though. One of its major competitors, Cyberghost, has a sleek and professional looking interface, and does its job in an effective manner. However, it is region-specific and not everyone can avail its services. In this article, I will compare HMA vs Cyberghost to see which one has the better options and overall value.


  • HMA has a one-price-for-everyone policy and provides over 4,000 IP addresses. It offers its customers paid OpenVPN, as well as PPTP services which have a 30 day money back guarantee. Their software is very user friendly.
  • CyberGhost offers OpenVPN protection with the lowest possible rates in the market. However, there is a 40 GB limit of monthly traffic. The network servers of CyberGhosts are situated in Germany and are super fast with great attributes. With the 12 month package, CyberGhost offers an additional year completely free of cost.

Support and Privacy

  • Although HMA has a wide range of servers, they do not have many offshore servers. The privacy policy is not very ideal as all the IPS and personal data of the users are stored and logged.
  • CyberGhost is restricted to Germany, with a few U.S users. Their support is extremely slow and not very helpful.

Comparison of Advantages

CyberGhost HMA
Simple software User friendly application
User friendly and intuitive Easy and unlimited server switching
Provides high speed servers Does not have limitation on bandwidth
Really good price plan Money back guarantee
  Larger network of servers


Comparison of Disadvantages

CyberGhost HMA
German restricted servers few offshore servers
poor customer support server and management is mostly situated in U.S
poor privacy and protection doesn’t have support for IPv6
not a very fast service

Final Words

In conclusion, it can be said that CyberGhost has an intuitive interface, is cheap, is user friendly and has great software while HMA has a strong VPN service with a much large network of servers.However, the disadvantages of CyberGhost are comparatively more serious than HMA. CyberGhost merely has German based servers which open up many privacy and security issues for the users. Although, this service doesn’t save and store users’ data and IP addresses, it still is under control of the company is German and they can be forced to reveal this data to the authorities. You can check out more about CyberGhost here.

CyberGhost also don’t have a proper support system which creates problems for the existing users. HMA also does not have the best privacy and protection policy but it provides a much wider selection of servers and does not have any limitation or restriction on the bandwidth. I would strongly recommend going with HMA over Cyberghost. You can read our full review of HMA by following this link.


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