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HideMyAss vs StrongVPN – Which VPN Service is Better?

Hidemyass (HMA) and StrongVPN are two of the leading VPN providers. HMA provides its users with the best Pro VPN technology. This helps in encrypting the entire web connection anonymously, automatically working with all the applications or protocols which need a web connection. Users can easily change their IP and even the country.

StrongVPN, on the other hand, is a hosting organization based in San Francisco and runs more than 900 servers situated in fifteen countries including Canada, U.S Asia and Europe. The specialty of StrongVPN is that it manages strong mass-bandwidth servers and offers excellent communication solutions to their users from all over the world.  Here is a objective comparison between the two industry giants.

Packages and Pricing

Prices of StrongVPN vary with geographic region. The packages of StrongVPN are divided into three categories:

  • PPTP Packages: This package is divided further into three subcategories – lite ($7/month), standard ($12/month), and deluxe ($15/month). Best for tablets and mobile phones. Click here for more details on PPTP.
  • OpenVPN Packages: The 3 subcategories in this package are – lite ($10/month), standard ($15/month) and deluxe ($20/month). Best for VPN routers. Click here for more on the OpenVPN packages.
  • Premium Package: This package offers all the services to the users and allows access to all servers. It is $30/month.

HMA offers the best service value to the clients. Their packages are priced: $11.52/month, $50.66/six months and $78.66/year. Access to all their services is offered throughout the packages, unlike StrongVPN.

Privacy and Security

StrongVPN, even though it is one of the top providers of VPN, is a little weak when it comes to privacy and security. They are located in U.S yet the local laws of their users’ region are not binding for a VPN provider based in U.S. This indicates that the connection is not fully secure and online activities of their users can be tracked.

On the other hand, HMA provides a secure connection for their users. HMA can change user’s IP address at a certain time interval. This gives the users an option of changing their location to different countries for their desired period of time. This protects the anonymity of the users while also make sure that your IP address is hidden all the time.

Main Features

Here are some salient characteristics of HideMyAss and StrongVPN:

HideMyAss Pro VPN

  • More than 23 countries and 7,000 IP addresses
  • Operating through 75 servers
  • Includes OpenVPN and PPTP
  • More secure web connection
  • More secure communication from WiFi or hotspot
  • No restriction of bandwidth
  • 30 days money back guarantee


  • More than 15 countries in Asia, Europe and North America with 7,000 IP addresses.
  • Unblocked VOIP applications
  • No bandwidth charges for high connection speed
  • 24/7 customer support
  • American and European IP addresses from a single location
  • Can run on any computer
  • 7 days money back guarantee

Final Words

StrongVPN does provide one of the fastest services to their users. It has more than 440 servers in the world, with 140 in San Francisco alone. You can sign up here for the best price. But their weak security and protection is a big minus for them. In comparison, HMA provides a much better protection and security to its users and has cheaper packages, with the choice of selecting any country the user prefers.

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