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Hidepad Review – Hidepad VPN for Ipad Reviewed

vpn for ipadInternet security is becoming increasingly important, especially as the number of devices (or vulnerable entry points) increases. For those who browse in a variety of public, private, and work areas, having a good VPN is one of the most impactful steps you can take to protect your online security. The only problem, many VPNs are not optimized for the unique qualities of specific devices.

If you own an iPad, many VPN networks will say they are compatible yet there is only one network we have found that is exclusively devoted to protect iPads with their VPN service. If you are a heavy iPad user or would like the peace of mind of having a dedicated VPN for your iPad, this is the type of customer who would benefit from Hidepad’s service.

In the follow article, we will attempt to conduct an honest Hidepad Review, exploring both the Pros and Cons of the service. Ultimately, we aim to provide would-be buyers with enough information to make and informed decision. There are a number of bogus reviews floating around the internet and we think its worth setting the record straight.

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How it Works

Hidepad presents itself as a one stop security and privacy vpn service for ipads. No matter where you are in the world, Hidepad will provide complete network protection. It provides 128/256bit encryption, which is the industry standard for thwarting hackers and other bad actors. Without impacting the speed or performance of your device, Hidepad is able to both protection your security and unblock many websites that are commonly blocked (in certain countries and on restricted networks). Furthermore, it creates anonymity, allowing you to visit sites without fearing reprecussions or other types of remote tracking.


  • Hidepad does not impact performance of your iPad. In my testing, everything ran smoothly without a hitch. Some services can significantly reduce speed and performance, especially VPN services not optimized specifically for the iPad.
  • Hidepad – as the name suggests – is designed, tested and supported completely for the iPad. In any service, certain platforms have bugs and quirks that have not been completely ironed out. Because the iPad is all this service cares about, technical bugs or issues –  at least when I tried to “break it”.
  • Hidepad also has a low refund rate at less than 2%. This is a sign that many customers are enjoying and happy with the service they are being provided. While I only tested it for a few days, this gave me some piece of mind that the product was decent quality.


  • Other VPN services like HideMyAss offer a similar service, compatible for all devices at a comparable price. While it is not a dedicated iPad VPN service, VPNs like HideMyAss will do a good enough job of protecting your iPad for most users.
  • There are not a ton of features included, but that is part of what makes this a good targetted vpn for the iPad. Again, if you are looking for tons of features, customizations and cross-platform compatibility, then read my HideMyAss review.

How to get the Hidepad VPN Service

You can sign up for the Hidepad iPad VPN service by following the link below. Be sure to use this link for the latest deals and special offers.

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