Hiding your IP Address when Using U Torrent

To begin, it is important that readers understand how an Internet connection works. Sure there is a cable in the wall and data is transmitted, but there things that occur before all of that, which are important. Each time a device connects to the Internet, whether that device be a computer, a mobile device, or a network printer, they are each issued an identifying number. This number is called an IP Address, but it is more than just an identifying number. Think of it as a bundle of information because that is just what it is. If I were to meet you on the street and shake your hand, that is also a link. So we say hello, have a nice day it was nice to meet you, but that is all that I know about you. Wow, met this nice person on the street, we said hello and have a nice day! Awesome. Well, when a computer shakes hands with a website there is a vast amount of information that is exchanged. Your computer happily tells the website what kind of computer it is. It also states what kind of operating system it has. It will tell the website what kind of security system it uses, and the list goes on. All of this information is needed by web components that interact with your computer. Sadly, all of this information is valuable to hackers, and other malicious entities because it links right back to your computer.



The way that the Internet is set up, this information must be shared. Well to hide your IP Address completely is not possible because the information that is contained in the IP Address bundle is needed. There is a way however, to hide your IP Address when using U Torrent. The trick is to connect to a third party proxy or VPN. The process works like this. Your computer connects to the proxy or VPN. The VPN/Proxy takes your IP Address and all the information that it contains and it saves it. The next thing the VPN does is it uses one of its IP Addresses and allows your computer to surf the web with without the IP Address that is assigned to your computer by your Internet Service Provider. In short, you are able to surf the Internet with a false IP Address. In this way, your IP Address is hidden from the Internet.

What is U Torrent?

U torrent Software

U Torrent is a bit Torrent file sharing platform. It allows millions of global users to not only download large files faster, it allows them to share files with other users. The speed of sharing files using U Torrent is achieved because the system breaks up large files into smaller pieces. These smaller pieces are then shared by everyone who is connected to the torrent. As you download a piece of a file, your computer shares that piece with other people who are downloading the same file that you are. In this way, you not only download you share and that process makes downloading large files much quicker than the streaming method used by other web components.

All of these connections are also the very reason that you want to hide your IP Address when you are using U Torrent. It is important that you be able to download data, and for your to share what you download, but it is equally important that you do so in a safe way. Using a VPN keeps your connections open, but it does not allow any type of malicious file to make it to your computer. You can think of the VPN or proxy as an extra security step. Not only is your IP Address hidden, you are by far less likely to have a malicious file reach your computer.

Knowledge is Power:

There are a lot of similar words and products that you will find as you research the best way to download files. Understand that a proxy server and U Torrent are not the same thing. A proxy server must be a stand alone platform and not a product that works through your Browser or around a webpage for the proxy to be effective. There are products out there that combine components, but those will not work as well as U Torrent. Only use a proxy for browsing, not for downloading. Use U Torrent for downloading and then go through a VPN.

Keep in mind that you must first connect to the VPN before implementing U Torrent or using any torrent for that matter. If you do not connect first to the VPN, your IP Address will not be hidden. You can safely enjoy faster downloads by utilizing torrents, but again, do so through a VPN.



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