Your VPN Service Sucks Compared to HMA And Here’s Why

When it really comes down to it, nobody hides your ass better.

So, what do you want in a good VPN service? For most of us, it’s pretty simple. We want to make sure the big bad government keeps their prying eyes and grubby fingers off our information and browsing history. We want to make sure we can access our favorite content from anywhere in the world without being blocked, including countries with internal firewalls like China, Burma, Saudi Arabia, and so on. Oh yeah, and we want our connections to be quick, convenient, simple, and affordable.

Most VPN services do all of the above. It’s just that Hide My Ass does it better.

Let’s break it down.

  • MORE SERVERS ACROSS THE WORLD THAN ANY OTHER VPN PROVIDER OUT THERE (SERIOUSLY) – Right now they have 734 VPN servers located in 251 locations across 128 countries with a total of 95,910 IP addresses – that’s more than any other VPN provider out there to date. Not only that, they are always adding more – like every day. Why is this awesome? Well, because it means you get faster international content and faster is always better.
  • THEY WORK ON YOUR ENTIRE NETWORK FOR ALL YOUR DEVICES (AND EVEN PROTECT YOU ON PUBLIC WIFI CONNECTIONS) – We’re talking mobile, gaming console, apps like Skype, your laptop/PC (obviously), and more. You can stream HD-quality video easily. Not only that, they help you evade hackers even on public WiFi connections and stop them from stealing your personal passwords, bank account, and credit card details while protecting from malware, phishing, and spam sites. Other VPN services simply don’t offer this.
  • LOAD BALANCING FOR FASTER CONNECTIONS – When they have more than one server in a particular location, they’ll tell you which one has the least users connected to it so that you find the least-loaded server for faster connections.
  • GEOGRAPHIC RECOMMENDATIONS AND RANDOM SERVER SELECTION – They will not only locate servers that are the closest to your physical location for the fastest Internet connection, they’ll also increase your anonymity by allowing you to connect to random VPN server locations at any location in a specific country.
  • VISUAL MAPS – Each one of their VPN servers are marked out on a clear, visual map with your physical location also marked so you can easily see the distance between servers.
  • SCHEDULED IP CHANGES, IP CHECKER SITES, AND IP ADDRESS HISTORY – With their IP settings, they enable you to randomly change your IP address at set time intervals. They also provide third-party IP checker websites that provide you proof that your online identity has been changed along with an optional IP history feature to keep a local log of IP addresses you have previously used.
  • SAFER CONNECTIONS WITH SECURE IP BIND – Their secure IP bind forces specific applications to only establish an Internet connection once it is connected to our secured VPN. Even in the event of an unexpected disconnection, your selected applications will never revert back to using your default unencrypted Internet connection. In fact, with Secure IP Bind your applications won’t even work AT ALL unless it is actually connected to their VPN – so even in the event of disconnects or just plain forgetfulness, you remain hidden and safe.
  • SPEED GUIDE BOOSTS PERFORMANCE AUTOMATICALLY – You know what sucks? Having to find the fastest VPN servers for your connection. However, with Hide My Ass, all you need to do is run a specific Speed Guide test and the wizard will locate the servers best suited for your connection.
  • DEBUGGING– Look, we’re not going to promise that you’ll never, ever, EVER have difficulties connecting, but if you ever do, you can easily export your connection log to NotePad or run a diagnostic test, which will give them the information they need about your system to improve your experience.
  • ANONYMOUS EMAIL – They have our own anonymous email service so you don’t have to ever give out your personal email address again when signing up for services or dealing with shady characters. This service is no extra charge and all emails will go directly to your real email address when you receive a message. You can even set your anonymous email to self-destruct after a set period.
  • TRY HMA FOR 30 DAYS, IF YOU DON’T THINK WE HIDE YOUR ASS BETTER THAN YOUR OLD VPN SERVICE, THEY’LL GIVE YOUR MONEY BACK – HMA is not interested in charging people for something they don’t like and that they don’t find any value in. That’s why, if you don’t think they are the most kick-ass VPN service out there, they’ll give your money back with no questions asked.

Are we trying to get you to switch from your current VPN service to Hide My Ass? You bet your ass we are – because HMA is better than them.

We don’t know how much you’re paying for your current VPN service, but chances are HMA is in the same ball park and offer ten times more for the money. Oh yeah, and you don’t have anything to lose because – again – they’ll give your money back if you hate us (which is highly unlikely).

Go ahead – get your ass in gear, pick a plan, and start your 30-day trial

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