How Do I Clear My Cookies and IT History?

How Do I Clear My Cookies and IT HistoryThere has been a lot of emphasis placed on internet security and what we can do to help our internet security system to work better. Cleaning out and deleting the browser history and the cache of cookies that have built up is a really good idea for anyone who wants better security. Clearing the cookies that build up in our temporary internet file is an easy to do maintenance task that should be done as often as possible. To clear your cookies on a PC simply follow these steps:

For Google Chrome:

1) Open the customize and control Google Chrome tab (top right)

Open the customize and control Google Chrome tab (top right)

2) Click on History

Click on History

3) Click on clear all browsing data

Click on clear all browsing data

4) Select from the beginning of time

Select from the beginning of time

5) Click clear browsing data

Clear Browsing Data

For Internet Explorer:

1) Click The Tools Tab

2) Click Internet Options

Click The Tools Tab

3) Click Delete

Click Delete


Once windows is finished deleting your browsing history and cookies the window will close.

For Firefox:

Step 1: Access the Tools menu

Clear Fire Fox History
Step 2: Choose the History Tab, Clear Recent History

Clear Firefox History

Step 3: Click clear now button

How Do I Clear My Cookies and IT History




Step 1: Access the Tools Menu.
Step 2: Choose Preferences
Step 3: Choose the Advanced tab.
Step 4: Select the Cookies option.
Step 5: Choose Manage Cookies.
Step 6: Choose Website and then choose Delete.


Why Clear Your Cookies:

Have you ever used one of those online computer repair places that connect remotely to your computer and then help you fix problems? The first thing they do is clear out your cookies. Why? Because cookies are like little programs that can cause some issues. If you have too many cookies they can make your computer run slower or cause programming errors to occur. While cookies are not capable of carrying virus or malware they can spy on you by gathering information about what you do. Most of the time this spying is from internet marketers who simply want to send you the best ads, but sometimes the spying can be harmful to your computer. Besides, they could at least ask your permission to gather data.

In short, you can speed up your computer by deleting cookies and your browsing history. You can also help to eliminate data gathering by marketers by deleting your cookies. You also reduce the risk of allowing unwanted and dangerous data collection onto your computer.

Plus, not all of us have a computer just to ourselves. We share our computer and that just adds more reasons why your browsing history and cookies should be deleted each time you log off of your computer. This is true at home, work and especially true if you use a public computer.

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