How Do I Hide My IP Address ?

If you have asked the question that this post addresses chances are that you are concerned about Internet security and the availability of public information about your system. You can click this link to see the information that is available on the Internet about your computer and system. If you are interested in hiding your IP Address then the easiest way to hide your IP Address is to connect to the Internet using a proxy server or a VPN (Virtual Private Network.) Both the proxy server and the VPN can be thought of as a link between your computer and the Internet. The link that they provide is a port in which your computer connects to whenever you log onto the Internet. What is important about these services is that each will mask your original IP Address by issuing your computer a false IP Address that cannot be traced backwards beyond the Proxy or VPN connection. This means that your computer and your IP Address are completely hidden.


Before We get too deep into answering How do I hide my IP Address, let’s look at some basic terminology that will be helpful in understanding what all of this means.

 Client: That is you. You are a client in that you would subscribe to a service (Proxy or VPN.)
 Proxy Server: This is a network of computers that clients would log into if they wanted to use a proxy or a VPN. Sometimes Proxy Server can also mean the proxy or the VPN, though in most cases it simply refers to the network of servers that is owned and operated by the VPN service or Proxy Service.
 Proxy Service: A service is a paid or free to use service that is offered by a web company. A proxy service is a paid or sometimes it is a free service that provides a proxy or false façade to clients who wish to surf the Internet Anonymously, or who may wish to transfer data, files, information through a secured network.
 VPN Service: Is much the same as a Proxy service except that the service and method of operation is more sophisticated. The biggest difference between a proxy and a VPN is that the proxy settings are entered into your Internet browser settings directly on your computer. A VPN is hosted off site and your computer logs into that service either through a downloaded program or by accessing the service through the Internet. If you do not understand how to change your Internet Browsers settings, then consider using a VPN.

As mentioned earlier the easiest way to Hide your IP Address is to use a VPN service since a VPN does not require you to change settings on your computer. A Proxy service may require you to change settings on your computer. To use a VPN service visit Hide My Ass and sign up for their service. The process is easy and the program is easy to install. The proxy service that is offered by is free. Both are secure and monitored by antiviral software.


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