How to Hide Your IP Address On A Mac

Before attempting to hide your IP Address on a MAC, it is important that you first delete all of your browsing history and delete your cookies. Cookies are bits of data that are installed, on your computer, to help better interact with websites that you frequent. The reason that cookies must be deleted before you try to hide your IP Address is that the will find a way to link your IP Address to your computer even when you are using a proxy or a VPN. Failing to delete your cookies means that when using a VPN you are not hidden.



Before you begin the process of hiding your IP Address, you will need to gather some information from the VPN or proxy service because you will need that information during the installation or set-up of the service. If you don’t have the information then the set up or installation will not work. That information that you need is the:

How to Hide Your IP Address On A Mac

• IP Address for the service.
• The Port number for the service.

This is information that you is either listed on their site or that you obtain by telephone.

Once you have this information, then you are ready to begin. Follow these easy steps:

If your browser is Firefox:

Step 1: Choose the preferences tab from Firefox’s main tool bar.

Step 2: On the next screen Choose Advanced.

Step 3: On the Advanced Screen Choose Networks from the tab list across the top of the screen.

Step 4: On the Network screen choose Settings.

Step 5: The settings screen is the configure proxy screen and you will click Manual Proxy configuration.

There will be a white box in which you type localhost, which will prevent your computer from automatically inserting your IP Address. Take the information that you gathered earlier from the VPN or proxy’s website and enter it into the box labeled Configure Proxies To Access The Internet. Refer to step 4 if you can not find the box.

Step 6: Enter the IP Address from the VPN in the HTTP Proxy box. In Title Port box enter the Port number also obtained from the VPN or Proxy site.

Step 7: Check your work, by visiting http://ipaddresshq.com to see what your new IP Address is.

For the Safari Browser:

Make sure that you delete you cookies before you begin this process or the cookies will link back to your IP Address and you will not be invisible.

You will need to called the IP Address and the Port number from the proxy or VPN service before you begin this process. Once you have that information, which is usually found on their site, you may proceed to step 1:

Step 1: From the main tool bar options click Preferences.

Step 2: From the Preferences window that appears, click the Advanced tab along the top of the window.

Step 3: While the advanced screen is still active, find along the bottom the Proxies box and set it to change settings.

Step 4: A new window will open titled Network. In this window change the configure proxy setting to Manual.

Step 5: Find the box that is titled Select A Proxy Server To Configure. There are two steps that must be completed here. 1: Check the Web Proxy-HTTP box, and 2: Check the Secure Web Proxy-HTPPS box.

Step 6: Enter the VPN or Proxy services IP Address in the Web Proxy Server box. Enter the Port number in the small box title Port Number Box. Once finished, click the APPLY NOW button.

Step 7: Check your work. Visit http://ipaddresshq.com and verify your new IP Address.



How To Hide Your IP Address On A Mac:

Step 1: Delete all cookies. If anything will expose your computers IP Address, it is Cookies.

Step Two – Find A Quality VPN Service:

VPN is the easiest and safest way to hide your IP Address on a Mac or a PC. A quality VPN service like hidemyass.com is a simple fix to a very complex problem. What makes a quality VPN handy is that you do not have to download anything onto your Mac. You simply point your web browser to www.hidemyass.com and log into your account and surf the web anonymously.

It is really that simple. They have a free proxy that works really well too or a Pro VPN which has all the bells and whistles but costs a small monthly fee.

Why do VPNs work so well? They work so well because they are very effective at hiding your IP Address. There is without a doubt a fair bit of information that is contained within an IP Address packet. Almost all of the information is required to surf the Internet. What the VPN does is it takes all of the information, and it hides it inside one of its many IP Addresses. Then it allows your computer to borrow that IP Address to surf the web. What is seen by the Internet is the VPNs IP Address and not the IP Address that was given to your computer by your computers Internet Service Provider. By lending your computer an IP Address, the VPN has removed almost all traces of your computers original IP Address. I say almost because many VPNs keep track of incoming IP Addresses. So there is always a risk that you can be traced back to your Internet activities. What is important is that hackers and malware can not find your computer.

If you are shopping the market for a VPN, here are a few things to look for when searching. First, use hidemyass.com as a comparison. I can vouch for its quality level. I also recognize that not every service is perfect for all of us.

1: Look for a money back guarantee. It is really difficult to understand how a service works without trying it out first. A money back guarantee helps to show that the service you are trying out cares a bout your satisfaction.

2: Look for a large number of IP Address. If a service does not have a large number of IP Address, then it means that customers are going to have to wait or run the risk of using the same IP Address over and over. Not a good scene to be sure.

3: Depending on your usage, you will likely want to find a service that has a lot of servers all over the world. Especially in countries that receive a lot of web traffic, such as Indonesia, but also are known to block incoming web traffic. The more servers that a VPN have the more access you have for visiting segments of the Internet from all around the world.

In closing, remember that is important to hide your IP Address, and that a quality VPN will help you enjoy the Internet and maintain your computer security.

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