How To Hide your IP Address on an Android device and Surf Anonymously

Anonymous Browsing  Android deviceThe modern world is a mobile marketplace that caters to those devices that can access the Internet on the go. Everywhere you go, there are people using their smartphones, tables, and netbooks to surf the Internet. The demand for social media, online shopping is mixed with on-demand movies, music, and entertainment. All of this takes a connection to the Internet. Some people connect through their mobile service platform while others use hotspots to find their way onto the Internet, and in the most dire of situations people are linking their tablet to the Internet through their phone. All of this surfing, whether by tablet, phone, or computer, occurs while the IP Address of the surfer is exposed.

Why Hide Your IP Address on your Android Device?

The best videos and music is always from some place else that is just how life works. And hiding your IP Address on your phone will allow you access to video and other media regardless of where you are from. Since governments can block access to Internet sites by designating only local access. So the easy way around this is to use a VPN and log into a server that is local. Boom! Problem solved. So the VPN is capable of letting your roam then entire Internet simply by changing servers.



There are other reasons why we should hide our IP Address on our mobile devices. We carry so much more personal information on our mobile device today, than we do on our home PC. We have a greater opportunity to lose our mobile device through theft or by accident, but perhaps the greatest threat to our data comes from the Internet itself.

How To Hide Your IP Address:

It is our good fortune that companies like hidemyass.com are offering a remarkable solution for those of us who are addicted to our mobile connections. The mobile VPN client is a perfect solution for hiding your IP Address. It works much the same way as a VPN would work for a desktop or laptop computer. You connect your device to the client and your device is issued a false IP Address and then you are free to surf the Internet anonymously. What is also nice is that the client allows you a manual PPTP connection. You are also able to created an L2TP connection. Since both options are available, you can choose your connection type. This means that connectivity issues will not be an issue at all.

Changes within Technology:

The Internet has been waging a war for over a decade with hackers and creators of malicious code. Part of the problem with this on-going battle is that technology continues to change and adapt. This makes is important for those companies who are in the business of offering protection against malicious threats utilize cutting edge technology. We have no sooner deployed a weapon than the enemy morphs. This is the very nature of dealing with technology. It is never constant because it is constantly renewing and reinventing itself. This is also how the threat of malicious code has come to reach the mobile market and all of its devices.

These are all reasons why hiding your IP Address on your android is important. A more practical look might be to consider what you actually do on your Android. Most of us do some form of banking from our mobile device. We might even pay bills or shop from our mobile device. Those two activities alone are significant reasons to hide your IP Address. Your mobile device contains your financial life, including credit card information, banking information and even your home address.

How a VPN Protects Your Data:

Regardless of what type of device you use, be it a mobile device or a desktop computer, the information that is contained within a the IP Address packet is needed by the Web components. That packet of information is what makes the Internet work on our devices. What the VPN does is it hides your IP Address and then sends out the important information from the IP Address packet cloaked in a false IP Address. This allows all of the web components to work with your device and it prevents anyone from obtaining your real IP Address. Without your real IP Address, nobody can touch your data unless you let them. This is why hiding your IP Address while you surf the Internet is as important as using a secure connection and virus protection.

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The Internet is no longer just a household of work place term. With the expansion of technology, the Internet is everywhere, and anywhere people can get a signal. This change is thanks in part to increases in mobile technology and the desire of consumers to invest in high-tech gadgets such as smartphones, tables, and music devices.

Why Hide Your IP Address on A Mobile Device?

Every device that connects to the Internet does so through an IP Address, most of which are exposed and traceable. That small fact is one very large reason why the IP Address that is issued to your mobile device needs to be hidden. In the old days, before the shift in technology this would not have been such a huge ordeal. The thing to remember is the technology is a two way street. Not only does technology develop new frontiers, which lead to new discoveries and marketable items like mobile devices, but it also increases the ease from which hackers and malware can strike. There is a constant race between the developers of malware (hackers) to exploit weaknesses that are found in cutting edge technology, and software/hardware developers who create new technology that helps protect consumers, businesses, and even governments from malware. The only real answer to protect yourself is to use a VPN whenever you are on the Internet. A VPN or Virtual Private Network, hides your IP Address, and yet, still allows you to surf the Internet.

Why Use A VPN?

Within the United States, the Social Security Department listed Identity Theft as the fastest growing crime for 2012. Hackers use malware, such as Trojans, to break into computers and mobile devices. Once they have invaded they have pretty much free reign to delete files, steal data, or cause damage to your device. Think about the amount of personal data that you keep on your mobile device. Things like credit cards numbers, bank account numbers and passwords, etc. All of this type of data is available for them to steal. Some hackers are just bent on destruction and they cause damage to your device, either by deleting programs, or wiping it clean. Not using a VPN leaves you open to all of these types of intrusions and then some.

How A VPN Works To Hide Your IP Address:

The simplest way to hide your IP Address on an Android device is simply to log into a quality VPN like hidemyass.com. This is not method works on all devices regardless of the operating system or manufacture.

What the VPN does, is it takes your computer’s IP Address and disguises it by cloaking it in a false IP Address that belongs to the VPN. Rather than, expose your computer’s IP Address everywhere you go, the VPN shows websites it’s’ IP Address, and this allows your computer’s IP Address remain hidden. If you utilize a server from another country, then you are given a false IP Address from that country. By doing this, you are allowed access to sites within that country that would normally be blocked.

This is how to hide your IP Address using and Android device. The question that remains is why are you not hiding your IP Address.

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