How To Hide Your IP Address When Using Vuze

Understanding the role of personal information:To begin to explain how to hide your IP Address when using Vuze, it is important to explain what happens when your computer connects to the Internet. A lot of people think of the Internet as a vacuum much like space, but the reality is that the Internet is more like a visiting a huge flea-market or open space market. There are shops and things of interest, and a great many people all milling about and shopping. That description is very similar to what happens on the Internet, with the exception that there are no “people” on the Internet. Instead, the people have been replaced by browsers connected to IP Address, which are then connected to people.



The key difference is that people are represented by an IP Address, and just like the people who were at the flea-market, the IP Address of the people on in the Internet contains personal information. One of the key differences between the flea-market example and the Internet is that, at the flea-market you don’t leave behind a trail of information. Each time you visit a website your Computer’s IP Address shares a lot of information with the server of the website that you are visiting. That information remains after you have left that website, and each stop along your way, you leave behind packets of information. It is those little packets of information and bits of data that leave you vulnerable.

How Vuze works:

This brings us to Vuze, which is a very powerful and very popular bit torrent that is used to speed up the time it takes to download larger parcels of data such as a movie. Torrents are amazing at what they do. They break large files apart into packets which people download. It is a process that is much faster than the process of downloading steams of information. Torrents are able to increase download times because everyone who connects to the torrent becomes part of the download. This works because each time you download something from a torrent your computer also sends packets of information to other people who need to download that information. That very part of the process is why your Computer’s IP Address always should be hidden when using Vuze or any other torrent. Each time your Computer’s IP Address is exposed, everyone using the torrent has an opportunity to store the information contained in your IP Address. Your IP Address is a direct link to your computer and people who are unscrupulous can hack your computer simply by obtaining your IP Address.

How To Hide Your IP Address When Using Vuze

How to Hide your IP Address:

Programs like hidemyasss.com are known as Virtual Private Networks also known as VPNs. A VPN is what is used by individuals and companies that need to create a secure connection to the Internet. That secure connection is important because part of the process that is used to create it, hides your IP Address from the rest of the Internet. A VPN works in two ways it creates a tunnel from one point on the Internet to another, or it allows your computer to surf the Internet with a masked IP Address. Tunnelling is a common way to share information securely and a primary way that businesses utilize VPNs. Tunnelling can also work for individuals who need to share files over the Internet. The mask option is what many individuals use when they surf the Internet because it allows them the freedom to roam about without having their IP Address exposed. When A VPN masks your IP Address, it takes your information and wraps it up in one of its IP Addresses and lets you surf. The information that is contained in the IP Address is needed, but it is not specifically important if it is not connected to the proper IP Address. That information contains information about what type of browser your computer uses, what country you are in, and even security measures that you might employ. The security of using a VPN comes from the fact that without your actual IP Address, hackers can not locate your computer. Any attempt to trace the IP Address that you are using leads straight to the VPN and thus ends the hackers attempt to find you. Without protection from a VPN a trojan, which is a form of malware, needs only 20 minutes to find a host on the Internet. Trojans are often employed, by hackers, to find unsecured networks and computers. Using a VPN to hide your IP Address when using Vuze just makes a great deal of sense.

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