How To Manually Mask Your IP Address

We refer a lot to IP Address as a term, but what does it actually mean? In short, your computers IP Address is a bundled packet of information, that contains all of the information needed by your computer and by websites to communicate between each other. Because of security issues a lot of Internet users want to hide their IP Address by masking it. So logically the question comes up about how manually to mask your computers IP Address. Sadly, it is not possible manually to Mask your computers IP Address without the use of software or a third party VPN like


To understand why you can not manual mask your computers IP Address, you have to look at what the IP Address does. It’s job is to tell any website that you visit how to communicate with your computer. It also is a name holder that websites will use to keep track of requests that your computer makes.

When your computer docs at a website, it has to tell the website what kind of computer it is. Is it a MAC or is it a PC? It also has to tell the website what kind of operating system your computer is using. Websites are built to deal with multiple types of browsers. This is why you will see websites declare that they support Window 8, Firefox, Safari, etc. Because each of those browsers work differently, communicate differently, the website must know what browser your computer is using so that it can communicate effectively with it. Your IP Address will also tell the website if you are a mobile device. Websites need to know where you are located. Many countries work with Internet Service Providers (ISP) to limit access to local/national IP Address. If you are not from that country, your IP Address may be blocked or restricted from using sites within that countries ISP territory. The list of what an IP Address does goes on for a while.

The reason that you can not manually mask your computers IP Address is because your computer will not function on the Internet without an IP Address. Websites will not recognize your computer they will not communicate with your computer they won’t do much of anything with your computer except continually to ask it for it IP Address.

In contract, a VPN is able to mask your computers IP Address because it replaces the IP Address that belongs to your computer with an IP Address that belongs to the VPN. In addition, the VPN takes all of the information that bundled packet contained in your IP Address and applies it to the new IP Address. This allows your computer to surf the Internet, communicate with websites, but never be recognized for its true identity. To get around geographic blocks, a VPN can allow your computer to sign into a server within the country that is blocking your computer. Once you have logged into a local server, the Internet in that area thinks you are from that country. Only then are you allowed access to those restricted sites.


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