How To Mask Your IP Address on The iPhone and iPad

Ah, mobile technology and the bane of using it. It is never more frustrating to find exactly what you are looking for only to find that the website is blocked, or that the host country has not made the video, movie, or document available in your country. This is perhaps one of the biggest complaints that Internet surfers have. The increase in technology has allowed factors of the Internet to imposed limitations and restrictions that involve blocked sites, blocked ports, restriction of traffic by geographic location, and restriction of shared information. All of these problems are tied to the information that is contained within the IP Address bundle that is assigned to any device that has access to the Internet. In the background are the solutions to these problems that are fairly easy to use.



People and businesses have long been concerned with how safely to move files from one location to another. This is a problem that dates back to the time of Napster.com. File sharing is an important tool that used both legitimately and for illicit purposes. With the enormous usage increase in mobile technology, it becomes even more of an important task to be able to hide your IP Address on an iPhone or other mobile device. This is where VPN services come into play. Virtual Private Networks (VPN) are a technology that is used to hide the IP Address of anyone who signs onto the service. Hidemyass.com’s VPN also includes a mobile technology that works for iPhone, iPads, etc.

How To Mask Your IP Address on The iPhone

Choosing the Best VPN for your Needs:

One of the first things that every Internet user should do is to evaluate how they utilize the Internet. The reason for this is that you can identify the level of protection that you actually need. A business, for example, that sends documents around the world, or has a global sales team would need the best protection possible. The same is true of an individual who maintains a financial presence via their mobile device, iPad, iPhone, etc. That brings us to the next part of the evaluation. What are you trying to keep private? Naturally, not all data is the same. Financial data, business data, etc. are all important and should be kept as safe as possible. So should anything else that is private.

For those of us who are addicted to social media, a VPN is really our best friend. Not only does the VPN do a remarkable job at hiding our IP Address, they allow us to go wherever we want on the Internet. Remember earlier there was mention of blocked websites, restricted or limited access to forums, streaming media, etc. Well a VPN can get you around those obstacles too. A VPN is made up of a network of servers that are located around the globe. There are servers in virtually every country. This means that you can log into a server in another country, and your false IP Address will make it appear as though you are from that country. That little detail allows you to have access to almost any restricted website within that country. No more missed movies or video’s because they have been blocked to people outside of that nation.

Why VPN’s are the Way to Hide Your IP Address:

File Sharing is also an easy task with a VPN like Hidemyass.com. This means that business travellers, musicians, and even writers can empower their devices to help them succeed at their jobs. This works because you are allowed to choose your connection type so you can set up a L2TP or a PPTP protocol. So on a mobile device like the iPhone, you can continue to file share with other people around the world.

In short, the number of restrictions that Internet surfers face are growing. To help overcome those obstacles on a mobile device, utilize the services of a VPN. The VPN will allow you to hide your IP Address and still conduct business. The VPN will also allow you to access geographically restricted websites and share documents with people in those geographically restricted areas. Using a VPN is businesses as usual.

How To Mask Your IP Address on The i phone

Special Considerations:

A good tip is to look for a VPN with unlimited bandwidth. Since the amount of data that you need to send or receive can add up fairly quickly, an unlimited feature ensures that you are able to get your job done without huge overage fees.

Another good tip is to look for a VPN that regularly adds servers to their network. The more servers in remote places the easier it is to find a secure connection.

Setting up A VPN on an iPhone or iPad:

This is a task that is not difficult.


Step 1: Under the general settings select NETWORK.

Step 2: On the NETWORK screen choose VPN.

Step 3: Choose Add VPN Configuration, which you will find on the menu options.

Step 4: Choose to add a PPTP connection.

Step 5: Input the Server IP Address. This is the IP Address that you received from the VPN.

Step 6: Fill in your USER NAME in the Account box. (This is the name you use on the VPN)

Step 7: You must also enter your password, which is the password that you created when you signed up for the VPN service.

Step 8: Check the SEND ALL TRAFFIC switch to make sure it is in the ON position.

Step 9: Click SAVE.

Step 10: This last step is what actually turns on your VPN connection. Go back to the VPN Screen and choose the newly created VPN connection. Then turn the switch to the ON position. This should connect your iPhone or iPad to the VPN.

In closing this article, let me just revisit a few of the important points. The Internet is full of opportunities for people to steal your data. This is evidenced by the billion dollar computer security industry. Prevention is always the best method of avoiding losing your data. Be proactive and choose a quality VPN to help your online presence remain invisible to hackers.



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