How To Mask Your IP Address

How to surf the Internet safely is a question that people are asking quite often these days. The question comes up from the concern that people have over identity theft, and the loss of personal information. The Social Security Administration (United States) listed identity theft as the nation’s fastest growing crime. Identity theft and loss of personal data is no longer a hidden crime. It occurs right out in the open and in broad daylight.



The primary way to mask your IP Address is to utilize the services of a proxy server or VPN. Some of these services allow Internet users to surf the Internet in total anonymity. We demand instant self gratification through instant access to information. This is driven by advances in mobile technology. Where can you go without being texted, emailed, or called? This trend is not all personal it is also driven by the business needs of smaller companies who must compete on the global market. It is critical that businesses be able to share information with their clients and with their employees. This requires a safe and reliable way to share files.

Online Privacy of your Data on the Web

File sharing was first utilized as a tool for large corporations who needed to send data and documents to workers in the field. These included sales people who worked in foreign markets. The creation of Virtual Private Networks was primarily a goal of these larger corporations. Increased instances of Identity Theft has made the VPN a popular choice for any person who wishes to decrease the likelihood of being a victim of Internet Identity theft.

How To Mask Your IP Address:

The simplest way to mask your IP Address is to use a VPN or a proxy service like hidemyass.com. The VPN is web connection that hides your IP Address. It does this by cloaking your IP Address in a false IP Address that is shown to web components like a website. The services can be either server based or application based. With a server based VPN, your computer logs onto their server and then proceeds to the Internet. The other option is to download software onto your computer, and then set up an Internet connection through that software. Either method will result in your computers IP Address being hidden. Increasing your Internet security is just that simple.

Why is This Important to You?

The reason that this information is important to you is because it helps you to prevent being hacked. When your computer’s browser logs onto the Internet, your computer is issued an IP Address. That IP Address contains a great amount of information that can be used by hackers to infect your computer with malware, or simply to steal your personal information off of your computer. An interesting fact to consider is that, in 2012, it took malware less than 20 minutes to find an unprotected computer to infect. In this case, that malware was a Trojan, and Trojans are known to utilize open ports to allow hackers to gain access to your computer. Trojans are not the only malware of which to be concerned. Spyware is also just as deadly, and it is used by people to monitor what you do on the Internet. There is great potential for spyware to be used to steal personal data, such as financial information, passwords, etc.

The process that Internet users can employ to prevent intrusion is the VPN, and that process is really simple to use. There are services that are free to use, or that require a monthly subscription to access services. Most of the logic in choosing which service to use is found in asking yourself how much you use the Internet and are you at risk. The answer to those questions is user specific, and something that every Internet user should answer for themselves.



Finding a way to protect your computer is not difficult. This article has outlines why hiding your computers IP Address is important. It has also provided readers with an example of a quality VPN to use as an example of quality. The article has also explained why hiding your IP Address is important and as well as listing the dangers that a public IP

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