How To Run An IP Address from A Specific Country While Running Tor

One of the nicer things about the Internet is that you can mask your country of origin, or trick the Internet into thinking you are from somewhere else. This tool is used to gain access to restricted websites that are hosted in other countries. Usually, the restriction is placed by the Internet Service Provider within that country or continent. By logging into a server within that country or on that continent, you can bypass those geographic restrictions.

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Because Tor utilizes a network of computers to optimize its download process (file sharing), it may be necessary to fool the Internet into granting you access to otherwise restricted sites.

To learn how to run an IP Address from a specific country while running Tor, follow these instructions:

NOTE: Node is used to describe a computer/server within a network formed by a Tor. So the goal is to make the destination server (this is the server in the country in which you wish to visit) think that exit node is from that country. When that happens, access is gained. In short, we are going to set the exit node with an IP Address from that specific country for the purpose of running Tor.

You will need to download and install the Vidalia Tor Bundle. It is recommended that you not install any additional add-ons.

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Step 1: launch both TOR and Vidalia.

Step 2: Right click the quick launch icon and from that menu choose Network Map.

Step 3: From the list of relays you will want to choose the nation that you wish to visit. Usually that is followed by information about that relay option.

Step 4: If there is more than one option available choose the top three options with the highest bandwidth and make note of them as you will need them in the next step.

Step 5: Next we want to reconfigure TOR settings.

A: Click the Start Button on the bottom left of your screen.

B: Choose All Programs from the pop-up menu.

C: Choose Vidalia Bundle.

D: Choose TOR

E: Choose TORRC.

F: Copy the File and save it as back-up.

G: In the file you will see the name of the country that is currently being used as an exit node. Replace that name with the name of the relay you wish to visit this will be the results of step 4: Type “ExitNodes relay, relay, relay” or if you have only chosen one relay then it will look like this ExitNodes relay.

What you have just done is forced the TOR to choose those relays as its exit nodes. By following these steps you can choose any country that is represented by a relay and insert it into that file thus gaining access to restricted sites.

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