IP Scrambler is software that is designed to hide or mask your computers IP Address

IP Scrambler

IP Scrambler is software that is designed to hide or mask your computers IP Address any time your computer is connected to the Internet. This program is perfect for the private Internet users but may be limited in use by corporate servers.

Connecting to the Internet:

All computers connect to the Internet through the services that are offered by the Internet Service Provide that you have signed up to use. This is the company that you pay your DSL, etc. fees to each month. Your computers IP Address is assigned by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). An IP Address is a numerical code that identifies your computer. It also contains a packet of information that it shares with websites. That packet of information contains important data that allow the website to communicate with your computer. Without the data contained within an IP Address, web errors would be very common, and many computers would not be able to interact with websites.



Once your computers IPS identified your computer and assigns it an IP Address you are free to browse the Internet. It is that packet of important information that can also lead to trouble because it can create opportunity for malware and hackers. Your computers IP Address is traceable, and it leads right back to your computer. If you utilize the benefits of IP Scrambler, than your computer connects to the Internet via the IP Scrambler software. In short, your computers browser creates the Internet connection using the software contained within IP Scrambler. When it does, IP Scrambler hides or masks your computers assigned IP Address and then issues it a false IP Address that can not be linked to your computer. That false IP Address contains the important information needed, by your computer, to interact with the Internet, but it does not contain the link back to your computer that hackers and malware need.

IP Scrambler What is IP Scrambler?


The most common reason that people use programs like IP Scrambler is for security reasons. Since, your computers IP Address is visible and traceable, it just makes good sense to hide it from the general Internet public. Malware is a tool that has many purposes. A Trojan is a type of malware that is very good at exploiting secure and unsecured internet connections. Hackers, often use Trojans to find victims. Did you know that it takes about 20 minutes for a Trojan to find an unsecured computer? Experimentation with malware has shown that in 2003, the time it took, for a Trojan to find a host was about 40 minutes, but that rate has been reduced by 50% in 2012. This is just another reason why hiding your IP Address is important. Trojans use open ports, or they open ports, and then allow hackers to gain access to your computer. Without an IP Address, the trojan can not find your computer and, therefore, cannot infect your computer. The false IP Address of the VPN saves your computer from random Internet Attacks.

Sharing data is one of the primary reasons that people use the Internet. Whether the data being shared is from the aspect of consumers, businesses, entertainment, or education it should be safe to communicate on the Internet. Using a VPN or a software program like IP Scramble to hide your Internet IP Address helps to make the exchange of information safer. Without an IP Address, your computer can not be traced. Your computer can not be infected with malware if your computers IP Address is hidden. Using a program to hide your IP Address is legal. People who hide their computers IP Address avoid malware, such as Trojans, hackers, and data loss due to either malware or hackers. It is important that cookies be deleted before using any program to hide or scramble your computers IP Address as cookies will sometimes reveal your computers IP Address despite the software to hide it.

In short, using IP Scrambler is a positive, and legal way to increase your Internet security. Avoid data loss, such as passwords, and financial information by hiding your computers IP Address. It’s a big world, the Internet, explore, download, and share all that the Internet has to offer, but do so safely, scramble your IP Address.

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