What Is An IP Address?

An IP Address is a unique way of identifying each computer that connects to the Internet. The IP Address is a series of numbers that are separated by a period. 256.2.458.125 is an example of what an IP Address may look like. To make matters more confusing, an IP Address may also be assigned to another type of electronic device that also connects to the Internet. So not just computers are assigned an IP Address; however, the general definition remains true.

IP Address Stands For Internet Protocol Address

IP Addresses are used by web components such as websites, to keep track of the millions of computers that may interact with the web component. The IP Address of your computer serves a very important purpose. It allows a website to keep track of each request that your computer sends and to separate requests from all of the computers that may interact with the website at the same time. In short, your IP Address allows websites to send you whatever you asked for. An example would be if you were to look through pictures on a website and asked to see an expanded view of one picture. Your IP Address allows the website to track your request and send you an expanded view of the picture you asked for instead of a picture that some other computer asked for.

IP Address come in to versions. They can be static, or they can be dynamic. The choice of which type of IP Address is determined when you set up your Internet settings on your computer. A static IP Address is one that remains constant. It does not change. A dynamic IP Address is refreshed or renewed each time a computer accesses the Internet. The strengths and weaknesses of each type of IP Address are dependent upon how the computer is going to be used while on the Internet. Read More….

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