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Private Tunnel VPN Review – Pros and Cons

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Private Tunnel is California based and one of the few metered VPN service businesses.  They provide an easy and hassle free experience which is the one thing that they are known for widely.

As far as the server count is concerned, Private Tunnel has its servers spread out to only six countries. Also, another thing that most people will be interested in knowing beforehand about the service is that it only provides OpenVPN protocol. Many suspect this because Private Tunnel has close ties with The COMPANY that came up with this technology: OpenVPN Technologies.

The Price

Since the VPN proudly offers a metered usage scheme, this means the pricing is strictly dependant on the usage of the service instead of a fixed amount. Unlike so many other VPN services out there, this one option makes it the ideal choice for all those users who want to pay for as much as they are using only.

Private Tunnel is thorough enough to provide a scale that explains their pricing. They have described and offered that the first 100 mb can be used for free. After that, 50 gb will cost $12, 100 gb will cost $20 and finally 500 gb will cost $50.

According to Private Tunnel’s own research, they claim that users are smoothly averaging between 90 gb and 120 gb of data usage every year.

Methods of Payments

There are several common payment methods that Private Tunnels is offering all its customers: Google Checkout, Credit Cards, and PayPal.

Refunds and Free Trials

The company does not advertise any free trial promo like most VPNs and what many tech geeks are used to. But if you look back at the pricing structure, you will see why that is; there is literally no way for users to test the service for free. The 100 mb downloaded is free which easily gives all users the time to try out and make a decision of whether this VPN service is good for them or not.

The Special Discounts and Promos

Private Tunnel does not always boast of special discounts or promos relying only on their metered pay scale. They provide the users with most value for their money; which is great for a lot of skeptic users who are always on the lookout for loopholes and schemes.

Supported Countries

Private Tunnel comes with limited number of servers. These are located in UK, Sweden, Netherlands, Canada, Switzerland, and the United States.

The Security Features and Supported VPN Protocols

OpenVPN is the only protocol supported by the service. The company also integrated OpenDNS and some other anti-malware technologies to achieve improved and comparatively more secure web browsing than what they offered before.

On the downside, these technologies are also responsible for not allowing you access to malicious web pages. Private Tunnel claims that it protects all sorts of browsing habits as it makes use of an additional layer of encryption; therefore, where HTTPS does work, users will still have high security level.

The Number of IP Addresses

Private Tunnel provides 1000 IP addresses that are ready for use by the clients. Moreover, there are talks of adding a lot more to their service in the future as well. So let’s see how that turns out.

Operating Systems

This is by far the most important point and one you need to pay close attention to. Think about all the Wi-Fi enabled gadgets you own and think about which ones you want this service to cater to. Private Tunnel supports desktop operating systems like Linux, Windows and Max OS. On top of that, they provide support for iOS as well as Android.

Tunnel VPN Privacy

The good news is that Private Tunnel does not keep any records of their user activity besides the usernames you provide and time that you log in and out of their system. On top of that, the company has not levied any restrictions when it comes to the usage, making it safe for torrents. The VPN service makes use of the same TLS protocol that the HTTPS makes use of; therefore, guaranteeing that it does not use or track any browsing data or session cookies.

By now you would have realized that the main selling feature of Private Tunnel is the metered pricing structure. This is ideal for people who are extremely meticulous about utility. Also, for those who hate being tied to or find it inconvenient to have to pay fixed amounts even though their usage does not match up. On top of the premium subscription choices, the company is offering free VPN service as well.


  • Wide compatibility,
  • Zero expiration
  • In app purchase for transfer
  • Easy set up
  • No subscription


  • Not the most ideal logging policy
  • Metered account
  • Some sort of logging is important

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