Should you Hide your IP Address when downloading from Torrent Websites?

IP Torrent is a program that people use to become invisible on the Internet. This is a Cloaking program keeps your computers IP Address invisible while you are surfing the Internet. If we pay attention to how the Internet is used, as well as how the Internet functions, than the need of programs like IP Torrent becomes clear.

Any excursion into the internet creates a tunneling effect. Whether your tunnel is completely secure or open to the public, a connection is nothing more than a tunnel from your computer to a web component. Normal Internet connections are very visible and pose a risk that are often exploited by hackers and/or malware. Whether your computer is used to communicate between servers or from peer-to-peer (P2P), information about your computer and its IP Address are shared on the Internet. Even though, the language that computers use to communicate are in number form, that information is easily deciphered by hackers.



Each time your computer is connected to the Internet, it shares information with whatever kind of site you are visiting. Your computer IP Address is more than just a bunch of numbers it is a packet of information that contains a lot of information about your computer. While that information is needed, it also poses a security risk to you.  Should you Hide your IP Address when downloading from Torrent Websites

The reason that people do not want to share all of the information contained in an IP Address is that an IP Address leads right back to your computer. Hackers, data-mining, malware, and identity theft are just a handful of the many reasons why it is important to keep your information safe. IP Torrent is a program that prevents your computer IP Address from being used by hackers. It prevents other people from identifying your computer via its IP Address. Regardless of the fact that the information contained within your IP Address is necessary for web function, it remains a weak link in Internet safety.

IP Torrent and Torrent Downloading:

Being able to hide your computers IP Address is important. It is even more important when using a torrent for downloading files. This is because a torrent creates a network of connections as a means of speeding up download times. This means that if you are downloading a file your computer is networked with everyone else who is downloading that file. In fact, your computer is sharing parts of that file download with other computers on the torrent network. So hackers, who are known to hover around sites that share data are able manually to obtain your computers IP Address. All the more reason that your computers IP Address should be hidden. There are a lot of people on the Internet who are just waiting to become a victim of hackers and malware. Not everyone is going to be a nice as you are, and hackers are counting on that fact, to continue.

File sharing is a way of life that is practically demanded by technology. It is the very future of how the Internet will function. At the same time, governmental agencies such as the Social Security Department (United States) proclaims that Identity Theft is one of the fastest growing crimes of 2012. Programs like IP Torrent decrease the chance of your personal information landing in the hands of hackers.

How It Works:

Instead of your computer connecting directly to the Internet, it connects through the proxy IP Torrent. So before, your computer broadcasts your IP Address and all of the information contained within your IP Address, IP Torrent hides your IP Address and issues a false IP Address that can not be traced back to your computer. Once your computer has been fitted with its false IP Address you can browse the Internet. Any attempt by hackers or malware to trace your computer ends in a dead end for the hacker. They can not trace your computer past the doorstep of the proxy. IP Torrent allows you to enter the Internet unseen, do your business in private, and return safe and sound.

Without a real IP Address, your computer can not be traced. IP Torrent hides your IP Address, making the Internet a lot safer for you and your computer. Using a program that hides your computers IP Address is legal and is a process that is commonly used by businesses. Internet security is a concern of every Internet user, and using IP Torrent is a good way to improve your computers Internet security.



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