Should you Hide Your IP Address When downloading?

Today, we are so used to interacting with the Internet that it is easy to forget that we need to be more aware of our surroundings. It is a very common place, and a natural feeling to feel that what we do on the Internet is private and that unless someone is looking over our shoulder we have complete anonymity. Sadly, in most cases, just the opposite is true. Each time we log onto the Internet our computer leaves behind a trail of electronic bits and bytes that are easy to follow. Most of us may feel that we are safe because what we do on the Internet is not important, but that safe feeling is false. The IP Address, which your computer broadcasts all over the Internet is an easily exploitable tool that hackers can use to steal your personal data. The only real protection that people have from those prying eyes is to hide their IP Address each and every time they access the Internet.



Most, if not all of us, employ some form of Internet security that helps to protect our computer from Malware and viral threats, but most of us do not realize that Internet security measures do not always cover Internet privacy. It just makes good sense that we would protect our computers from viral threats, so why not go the extra step and protect your computer and yourself from Internet threats such as Identity theft. It is fairly simple to hide your IP Address while you surf the Internet, download programs, share files like music, pictures, and even video. Hackers are the most conscious and, therefore, the most dangerous threat that we face while roaming about the Internet. What we want to avoid is divulging too much personal information because they use that information to focus their attacks. It is no secret that Identity theft and fraud are crimes that are on the rise, and that they are tied to theft of personal information.

How downloading files can put you at risk:

Everything that you do on the Internet is visible unless you are browsing anonymously. Every time that we download something other people have the opportunity to see what we have done. In some cases, those “other” people are governments. Sometimes those “other” people are internet marketers, and sometimes those “other” people are hackers. It is not like we give people permission to watch what we do, and yet there is not really a box to check that says “keep my business private.”

With hackers, every bit of information that they gather about you makes them that much more likely to learn how to get at your personal information. The weaknesses that they exploit are the very aspects of the Internet that we enjoy. Hackers are an ingenious group of people. They set up websites, employ data mining programs to do their work for them. We are also at fault because we know that certain activities possess a higher likelihood of attracting a hacker. Music, which is one of the worlds most popular Internet activities, is a very high risk medium, and yet we are drawn to music as like a moth to a flame. It does not matter if we are being legal or illegal in our activities. The opportunity for hackers is just simply there to exploit.

What do you do to protect yourself?

The only real solution is to hide your IP Address. To do that, you need to utilize the service of a VPN or Virtual Private Network. Some file sharing sites offer proxy connections, and this works for the most part, but the idea is never to be seen regardless of what you are doing, and that requires a VPN that you can access whenever you are online.

VPN’s are easy to use, and are fairly affordable in price. There are even some free sites that offer VPN services, but those should be thoroughly researched before signing up as they are sometime operated in an unsecured fashion.



Every time that you are online, your computer leaves a trail of information that contains personal data. That trail of information is a link back to your computer. Using a VPN is an easy way to make that trail of information disappear. Using a VPN is an easy way to increase your Internet Safety. We should be free to surf the Internet without the prying eyes of hackers. Using a VPN makes it possible to go where you want on the Internet and do what you want on the Internet without being seen.

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