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Spotflux VPN Review – Is Spotflux a Legit VPN?

spotflux vpn pros and cons

It is important that you get the best VPN service out there with features that fit the bill for you. We reviewed Spotflux VPN to see whether it gives you the bang for your hard earned buck or not.

What Operating is Spotflux Compatible With

The easiest way to rule a service out the first time around is to check for compatibility with the system that you use. Make sure that a service is compatible with all your devices and not just the primary one that you use.

Spotflux VPN is compatible with all popular systems like Linux, Android, iOS, Mac and Windows. It has the app platform for all of these as well. In other words, you can use these interchangeably among all the Wi-Fi enabled devices that you own.

Features of Spotflux

Here is what Spotflux has to offer all its customers.

Multiple Connections

The number of connections you can have in one account that can be used simultaneously must be at least two. You might need one for your desktop and another for the device you carry on the go. Spotflux lets you have five, which is plenty for more than one person.

Cash Back Guarantee

A money back guarantee is really helpful in giving you the peace of mind that the company is not going to take your money and flee. Spotflux happens to have a really great policy on refund. They give you the time period of a month and a half to claim your refund whatever the reason may be.

The Quantity of Servers

The number of servers a VPN service offers is very important as that is exactly what determines the software’s efficiency. You can even select from the range of servers in your area that has the least traffic and the speediest connection. It is ideal that you get to choose from 50 servers.

Spotflux only has 10 servers all over the world so that is quite limiting for most people. If the server near you becomes busy, you might have to switch to another one.

The Referral Program

This is what VPN companies offer you in exchange for sending new business their way. Now while this is not the VPN company’s most attractive feature, it is a good perk. All you have to do is refer a friend. You should always keep an eye out just in case. Spotflux is working on their referral program; the best thing to do here is keep an ear open for the update.

Data Logging

Data logging is when the VPN service keeps a record of all activity by the users. There is no place in a VPN’s agreement about data logging, at least in a good VPN services, it’s not. Now because of that Spotflux does not really keep a log of any of their customers’ activity.

The Limit On Bandwidth

If you are someone who cannot pass a month without a browser history showing massive downloads and streaming then you definitely need something without the caps. Spotflux is one of those VPN services which come without any limit to its bandwidth. So there you go, you can go nuts with streaming online and you will not reach any caps.


Security is the top most important part of the any VPN service as it does not protect you from just government surveillance but also from all sorts of trouble, like identity theft for instance.  The most powerful encryption yet is the 256 bit, so it is important that you make sure that you have the choice of accessing that at least. If that is not enough, then check and make sure that you have the liberty to choose your own security protocol with a VPN service.

Now Spotflux also happens to have the strongest encryption to date: 256 bit. Make sure you adjust the connection’s security bar by switching from TCP or UDP that is of course after you determine on how reliable or fast you need it to be.


After you are done installing the software as instructed, you need to be able to get on and off this connection without any hassle. If you do not think it is as plain and simple as choosing a server and connecting, then you have got the procedure all wrong. This is true in the case of Spotflux. It is very easy to use and all you need is to select an option from the drop down menu, after that you hit connect and get going. Spotflux also has simple settings that you can tweak and optimize the connection.

Spotflux Pros:

  • Good customer support
  • Month and half refund policy
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Compatibility with all operating systems

Spotflux Cons:

  • Zero monthly plans
  • Slow connection
  • Limited number of support hours

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