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SurfEasy VPN Review – Pros and Cons of SurfEasy

review of surfeasy vpn

You can easily get around government censorship and surveillance by using a good VPN. This is one easy way that makes use of IP address blocking technology along with a secure encryption to get an anonymous connection.

There are plenty of VPNs to choose from. Consequently, for people who are new to the concept of sorting through the good ones from the poor quality services, it can be difficult to tell the good ones from the bad.

VPN SurfEasy is one of the many VPN software services out there. Here is the full review of the service to help you decide whether to acquire it or not.

SurfEasy On The Operating System

Operating system compatibility should be number one on your list for weeding out the not-so-great VPNs from the great ones, since that is what you need when it comes to getting through content blocks and maintaining your online privacy. Now coming back to SurfEasy, the VPN is compatible with Android systems, iOS, Mac, and Windows. This is really great for people who have both the mobile and home connections and whichever they wish on securing. The only thing that may disappoint some users is that the software cannot be used on Linux.

The Features of SurfEasy

VPNs have to encompass more than just the main function – a good VPN will have the appropriate bandwidth limitations and the number of connections the user can get. And those are just a few to name. Here are all the features that good VPN software must have.

Multiple Connections

Most of us have more than one gadget that needs Wi-Fi that we use every other minute. Now what most of us need is to be able to connect the VPN to more than one device at a time. Most of the VPNs offer you just two simultaneous connections. SurfEasy allows you more than five connections, which is plenty to cover your devices along with that of anyone else in the house. This is one feature that really impresses us on the great VPN scale.

Cash Back Guarantee

This is one straightforward feature that every other consumer looks for, especially if they have never used the service before. The money back guarantee is a symbol of good faith from the service provider and shows that they truly believe in what they are selling. The best VPNs promise at least 2 weeks for you to claim your refund for the service. SurfEasy comes with a 30 day guarantee on the Browser but here is the big part: their software is simply non- refundable.

The Servers

The amount of servers that a VPN has is very important too. It is important that you sign up with one that does not give you anything less than 50 locations to make your choice from. The more servers that a service has, the faster the connection you will receive. Also, you need to make sure that you have at least one location near where you will have the software set up. The company will not reveal the exact number of their servers but any user will tell you that apparently ten server locations are available to a consumer. Though the number does not seem enough, the good news is that you have these servers spread out all over the world, from Singapore to Canada, so you have a range of choices to select from.

The Referral Program

This is one feature that you will not be able to see that much. However, do not get discouraged by this, as SurfEasy does have the Referral program. They have a free VPN service that gives 500 MB of the extra data when you refer a friend to their services.

Data Logging

Data logging is the information a software stores. Let’s face it, the point of a VPN software is to maintain privacy and anonymity, and data logging is doing the whole opposite. SurfEasy has always been upfront about the data that they store. The company does not store any information on the sites that the users visit. But they do say that they keep a record of IP Addresses and bandwidth (to track bandwidth limitations).


Bandwidth is the amount of data you are given. For most VPN services, the bandwidth is completely limited. People who like to download and stream will need low limitations. SurfEasy has the cap of 500 MB when it comes to free VPN service, which goes to show that their paid plans do not come with any bandwidth limitations.

With this information you are ready to make the decision of whether you should get this service for all your Wi-Fi enabled gadgets or not.

Plan Options

See below for the various pricing options for SurfEasy.

surfeasy review


  • Has the lowest prices
  • Comes with a secure connection
  • Is compatible with most of the operating systems
  • Has unlimited bandwidth


  • No refunds
  • Slow connection
  • Is not compatible with Linux

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