The Ebay Hack and What You Can Do About it

Fresh on the heals of the infamous “Heartbleed” attack which rocketed the online world, eBay has announced a separate breach of security. The breach is expansive enough to encourage all users to change their account passwords. Since eBay has a massive userbase, this is particularly concerning. See the article below on more information about whether you should change your password:

Ebay hack Q&A: should I change my password? What could happen


Your questions answered on what to do following the hacking attack on eBay’s database. By Charles Arthur.

What Can You Do to Protect Yourself Against ALL These Attacks?

You can certainly change your passwords every time a new “heartbleed” or cyber attack compromises another large network. However, there are some much more powerful steps you can take to protect yourself and your network in a more substantial way. By using a VPN or “virtual private network” you not only protect your privacy, you also protect your home/personal network security.

So How Does it Work?

Heartbleed directly attacked OpenVPNs (via OpenSLLs). Because most internet users do not have much control over the protocols used to browse websites, it is highly advisable to configure a VPN service that does not rely on OpenSSL. What a good VPN service allows you to do is select alternate protocols instead of OpenSSL.

You can read more about Heartbleed, as reported below:

How to bypass the threat from Heartbleed – Sydney Morning Herald

Sat, 03 May 2014 14:02:37 GMT

Droid ReportHow to bypass the threat from HeartbleedSydney Morning HeraldMany virtual private network providers rely on the OpenVPN system to protect your web browsing from prying eyes, but OpenVPN is based on OpenSSL and is considered vulnerable to …

Read more …

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