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Top 3 VPNs for iPad – What is the Best iPad VPN Service?

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best ipad vpn servicesiPad is one of the most popular tablets today. It hosts numerous features, most of which make use of the World Wide Web. However, like most devices, the iPad does not offer the complete privacy that you need when surfing the web.

Many iPad users have been looking for ways to protect their privacy. This is where Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) come in. A VPN’s purpose is to secure your privacy when you are using your iPad. With so many VPN providers in the market today, which one should you choose?

Internet security is not the only feature that many VPN users look for when they opt for one. Other features include; ways to become anonymous while surfing, getting through to block SEO websites and changing their IP.

When you are looking for a VPN service, you need to know what you should be looking for. You should be searching for a VPN that can really connect to the iPad and is easy to set up on this tablet. The other thing that you should be looking for is what protocol it offers. In the end, contact your narrowed down choices and see which one offers a package that suits your needs.

You must know that not all iPad VPN service providers are similar. Some offer limited services and speed and other features, but do not have the proper customer support to help users familiarize themselves with these things. Here are the top 3 VPN services for iPad, and why they make this list.


This VPN has really improved since it came out. We are talking about things like accessibility, speed and the absence of logs that has actually taken the security to a higher notch. This is not surprising first off, because of their Tier 1 network in 59 nations including the United Kingdom and America. And if that was not enough, IPVanish is one of the few companies in the world to provide VPN services in exotic places, like Panama and Egypt for example.

In addition, IPVanish has great customer support network. Their services also include letting you connect on different devices simultaneously.

Coming back to the Privacy feature, as stated before, the IPVanish has the ’ZERO LOG’ policy. The thing that makes it different from other companies is that this VPN company lets you pay with BitCoin and all that they require is an email address and password. This means that you are able to protect yourself to a higher level than with other services.


IPVanish provides OpenVPN (256 bits), L2TP (256 bits) and PPTP (128 bits) connection. By not keeping any logs, the VPN providers themselves cannot look for culprits. To top that off, the IPVanish uses shared IPs and because of that, it becomes difficult to track and trace down individual users.

Customer Support

Their live support can only be connected with during normal working hours. But that is countered by the awesome FAQ support system and it is not your typical support system. The tools are knowledgeable and contain useful information that serve much better than a live customer support service would.

IPVanish is a simple VPN app for newbies and long time VPN users. With simple options, who would not want to go for this service? The app can be downloaded for free here.


ExprssVPN lets you install the software fairly easily than most VPN services. The process is really straightforward. The best part is that you can change a variety of parameters within the platform to alternate between servers.

The ExpressVPN was created to tap the Windows and Mac platforms. The Linux operating system however, needs manual configuration. Only people, who are sure of connecting to the system themselves, should readily go for this. This is one of the reasons why Express VPN is incredibly famous amongst expert VPN users. That being said, it is still much easier to use the software installation.

Expert VPN lets you bypass your firewall restrictions and allows you connect to the internet and blocked content. The Service is provided in 45 various nations around the world. Because of this, subscribers can choose the server location depending on their browsing requirements. The number of servers goes over 200. That is clearly where the drawback is. Another minor limitation to the service is that it does not offer a dedicated IP.

However, Express VPN does a lot more to counter it all, which makes it one of the top VPN service providers.

Technical Features

ExpessVPN hosts almost all the VPN protocols. Right now the VPNs available include SSTP, OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP/IPSec. The range definitely sets the bar higher for ExpressVPN’s competition.

The Price Myth

Express VPN has been around for quite awhile and many of its initial users may feel a bit surprised to hear about the new features of the service. The truth is that when the service was launched, the customers deemed it as unusually expensive and because of that the brand could never really find place amongst the competing services back then.

However, now, the company has changed its stance, and is offering the VPN service for much less.You can even check out their free trial option here. Their payment options are flexible too, as always. You can pay via MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card and Visa, as well as the online payment option.


ExpressVPN recently decided to up their game by installing more servers. The difference is that it has considerably raised the browsing speed than what it was before. Also, when it comes to speed and accessibility, the fact that ExpressVPN offers unlimited Bandwidth cannot be ignored. However, many users fear that with this many servers, the service can get clogged up due to this unlimited download option.

Customer Service

Their Customer Support system is neat and defined. International subscribers can contact their team through live chat, ticket or email. You can contact any time and not just during the working hours. While the email etiquette has not made a drastic change, the entire thing did improve gradually.

Moreover, the website has a short and informative tutorial page. The page is not overly illustrative or lengthy; just simply walks you through setting up your VPN connection which is something almost all new subscribers look for.

The revamped ExpressVPN service is extensive enough to fall in the category of one of the top VPN service providers.


PureVPN is fast becoming popular to the point that the company hardly needs an introduction among expert VPN users. PureVPN is a VPN service has more than 300 servers in around 22 different countries. To top that off, they also have more than 22000 IP addresses, which is why so many users are switching to PureVPN today.

Consumer Resources

PureVPN’s website is very detailed; in fact it has reached a point where there is a page for every location that they operate in.

Their customer support tab lets you put tickets online regarding your query. Plus, you can access their online chat as well, any time you want.


The good news is that PureVPN has a 3 day money back guarantee. However, the refund policy states that refunds will only be made if the user has not expended more than 500mb of data transfer. In case of renewals, their condition is that users should not have used more than 2 GB. Their payment methods include: Bitcoin, WebMoney, Plimus, Alertpay, Credit Cards and PayPal. You can see their full pricing options here.

Software Features

PureVPN’s software is a little more complex than its competitors. It makes up for that by offering tons of features. The company has gone for a little fancy sort of brand image which seems to be working fine for its users.

That being said, the software is incredibly easy to use even if you have not brushed up on your technical skills lately. All that you have to do is select a location from the drop down list.

PureVPN requires that you give personal information like name, phone number and address. The company has stated that it does not log user’s activity on the web except their access to the PureVPN service.


PureVPN’s speed is top notch and consistent. They can bypass firewalls smoothly and all other country wide restrictions too, like the ones in China for instance.

As an iPad user, you probably use Wi-Fi every minute and you must also be proud of the fact that your tablet can do all the things that your computer can, and at an even better pace. Is that now why you invested in that device in the first place? If you want to enjoy that to the fullest, it is time that you look up the VPN industry today.

Still Can’t Decide?

We also really like HideMyAss here at the IAHQ team. We’ve used it for iPad and it works fine. While it doesn’t have any special features for tablet users, it does offer a reliable service and great price point. You can learn more about it here.

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