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Torguard VPN Review – Is Torguard a Legitimate Service?

review of torguard vpn

review of torguard vpnTorGuard, based in the West Indies, is perhaps the most anonymous VPN and Proxy service available on the internet. They do not log browsing activity, websites visited or use timestamps of any kind. Their commitment to offering privacy and a clear policy on allowing users to stay anonymous is among the best in the VPN market. TorGuard offers a variety of services, including a BitTorrent Proxy for those who only want a basic service for working with torrent downloads.

They also offer full service VPN that can be used on multiple devices and addresses total internet security regardless of the device you are using and covers all of your browsing activity. Let’s take a closer look at what service and payment options TorGuard offers.


BitTorrent Proxy

The TorGuard Proxy Service is for users who are only looking for a service that will allow them to share, download and work with torrents safely and anonymously. It offers over 100+ IPs in eight countries and is sufficient for masking your identity when using torrents. However, it is not intended to offer privacy and protection for all of your internet activity.

BitTorrent Proxy Features:

  • User bandwidth & connection speeds are not limited
  • Over one hundred IPs in eight countries available
  • Http proxy supported/Socks5
  • Completely private torrent downloading
  • Compatible with multiple OS systems, including Windows/Mac/Linux
  • Multiple payment options available-monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual

Anonymous VPN

The Anonymous VPN is a complete package offering browsing security, anonymous torrent downloading and no logs of your internet activity. You may use multiple devices at the same time and connection speeds as well as bandwidth are not limited.

This VPN has a long list of features, benefits and possibilities along with multiple payment plan options. With over one thousand IPs in over forty different countries, the software offers users plenty of choices of VPN server connection speeds and it comes with a free license for VPN viscosity software. TorGuard VPN offers one of the most secure and private browsing experiences in the VPN market and even though the price may be a bit higher than some other VPNs, if you are looking for privacy then it is worth it.

Anonymous VPN Features:

  • Connection speeds and allowable bandwidth is not limited
  • Over one thousand IPs in over forty different countries available
  • Includes a license for viscosity VPN software
  • Multiple payment options available-monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual
  • Supports PPTP/ikev2/SSTP/OpenVPN Service/L2TP
  • Browser activity and user details are not logged
  • Private & secure browsing
  • Connect a maximum of five internet capable devices at the same time

Additional Optional Services

Anonymous Email

TorGuard offers an anonymous email package free with a paid subscription to their VPN software. It allows for 10mbs of storage and offers G/PGP encrypted email options. You may purchase the anonymous email as a standalone service for $49.95 per year or $6.95 monthly and they guarantee no advertisements or marketing.

VPN Routers

TorGuard offers preconfigured routers and media players in their online store, which are designed to work with all of the TorGuard software and services.

Downsides of TorGuard VPN

There is no doubt TorGuard offers one of the best VPN/Proxy services available in terms of privacy. However, there are two areas where TorGuard needs to improve, although they have made significant improvements in these areas recently.

Connection Speed

In the past, there were significant complaints about the connection speed of the TorGuard VPN. They have done a nice job at making improvements recently, primarily due to the expanding list of servers. The speed issue could still use some improvement, but unless you need lightning fast speeds for continuous HD video download or something similar, this will probably not be a problem.

Customer Service

Much like the connection speed problem, this is an area where some improvement is needed. The technical aspect of support is great and once you get in touch with TorGuard, they are excellent at solving issues. The problem comes with getting someone to respond or finding a time when the online chat is actually available. If you are a novice user this may be a bigger issue than if you have at least a little tech know how.


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torguard vpn review

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