What is a Keylogger?

A keylogger can be a piece of hardware or it can be software. The purpose of a keylogger is to record all of the actions that occur when a computer is being used. This includes the actual keystroke sequence, which is how the name keylogger came to be. They are also known as keystroke loggers, keylogging, or keyloggers.

The legitimate use for keyloggers is found in the testing and troubleshooting area of IT that deals with networks and the issues that crop up on networks. Key loggers can be used in small businesses, or large corporations. They are also used by businesses, to keep track of what employees do on the Internet. So despite the press, there are some legitimate uses for keyloggers.

The problem with anything that contains technology is that people end up using it in an unethical way. So any time that something is installed on your computer without your permission it is called malware. Keyloggers can be part of malware if they installed on your personal computer without your permission. Business applications are not technically malware even though they may be there without the employee’s permission.

Keyloggers are handy little tools because they record keystrokes they can record things like passwords. They can be used to record credit card numbers. If you type it on your keyboard, or click it with your mouse the keylogger will record it. So there is really no end to the damage that a keylogger can create.

They use your own internet connection to transmit all of the stolen data back to their source where it is carefully examined for vital information. Take a look at this: 5258 5695 5222 2222#56821#555# this is an example of what a keylogger records. What you see there is a sixteen digit credit card number followed by the pound sign, followed by a five unit zipcoded, again followed by the pound sign, followed by the three digit security code which is also followed by the pound sign. The method that is universal that is embedded into us makes it easy for hackers to steal important information, and the key is that most everything that is important is followed by the # pound sign. When you shop online or by phone you are prompted to enter your sixteen digit credit card number followed by the pound sign. Even typing that last sentence I can hear the animated voice giving those instructions.

Fortunately there are security software programs that can help to detect and remove keyloggers. If what you have read here has touched a nerve, and it really should have, then consider buying a security program that includes keylogger protection or upgrading the platform that you have now so that you are protected.

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