What is Adware?

Adware is software that is designed to play, pop up, display, or download automatically. Adware is often linked with ad revenue campaigns. The more technical name for adware is ad supporting software, which means that the production of adware is driven by another persons desire to profit from your Internet, email, or web search.

Is Adware Dangerous?

Most adware is not dangerous, but what is downloaded to your computer is rarely just adware. This is because advertisers will often attach other programs to adware. Those other programs are spyware, and that is part of why the concept of adware is dangerous. It is not so much that the pop ad is going to destroy your computer, though adware can make your computer run slower. The ethical dilemma is that an advertiser has crossed an ethical line by creating adware that is really spyware. Spyware is malicious it is also akin to malware which can be very dangerous.

The definition of malware is software that is downloaded onto your computer without your permission. It is software that steals your data or harms your computer. When an advertiser creates adware with spyware attached to it so that they can gather information about your Internet experiences, it becomes an unethical venture. It does not matter if the information that is collected is benign or if it is critical data. If it is collected without your permission, it is stealing. One form of stealing can easily lead to more corruption and crimes that are serious. Identity theft is just another form of Internet crime that has made it into the physical world. So despite that fact that adware itself is usually not dangerous it is very much associated with other forms of malware that can be extremely dangerous.

How To Prevent Adware from Being Downloaded To Your Computer:

Internet security provides several tools that are there for us to use. The manual scan feature is important because it will scan an individual file or component and check for malicious software, virus, adware and spyware. Adware is almost always associated with email so be careful when you open your email, and think twice about downloading programs that are free.

To add extra protection to your computer make sure that your computer’s security software detects adware as well as malware. Prevention is a good first step, but having a strong back up is a better plan of action. Comodo Internet Security is a good program that securely protects your computer from the dangers of the Internet.

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