What Is An IP Blocker And How Do You Block Your IP Address?

What is IP Blocker?

IP blocker is a service that provides a safe and anonymous way to surf the Internet. The Internet provides a lot of tempting services that may include music download, video sharing, shopping, and even document/data distribution. The craze and demand for instant gratification has driven the technology marketplace into an industry that produces any type of device that can satiate Internet users. Consumers have gone crazy over mobile technology, faster internet access, and even download times. These trends have only fuelled the technology behind giving consumers exactly what they want before they want it.



Why Use IP Blocker? Block Ip Address

Primary reason to use IP Blocker is to be able to surf the Internet without exposing your IP Address to the world. The Internet is a global realm, and each time that your computer logs onto the Internet your computers IP Address is shared with the world. That is a key concept because the laws that govern the Internet and the crimes that are committed via the Internet primarily fall to the United Nations and to any government that might be involved. This means that there are few standardized laws that prevent crimes like Identity Theft. The laws that are passed in the United States only apply to the citizens of the United States. Those laws that are passed in Indonesia apply only to those citizens of Indonesia. So no one nation has enough power to regulate, monitor, and enforce the Internet.

What IP Blocker does is it hides your computer’s IP Address. So each time that you access the Internet, your computers IP Address and a bunch of other data is shared openly with every single website that you visit. This data can be used by all kinds of individuals and companies, and for a variety of purposes. Most companies, even the most respectable, engage in spyware. Individuals, such as hackers, can use the information, provided by your computers IP Address, to steal your personal, financial, and other types of data including passwords. Using IP Blocker is a way to increase your own Internet security and to help prevent malware and hackers from gaining access to your computer.

Internet Entertainment- and IP Blocker:

There are many forms of entertainment on the Internet. Some are very legitimate, and others are down right necessary. Consider for instance, the music business on the Internet. Certainly you have sites like youtube.com, but you also have small time highly skilled musicians who are trying their best to build a following. Additionally, you have sites like iTunes, or apple that are designed around the concept of mobile entertainment. We have already discussed how effective the laws hat protect copyrighted material are. So sharing files needs to be done in a way that removes the change of theft. Artists can post material to a VPN like IP Blocker and then distribute it to their fans. There is also the element of torrents and the fact that when you download using a torrent your computer is linked into a network of other computers that all make up the torrent. Blocking your IP Address in that situation is essential. You have no control over the other people who are also connected to that network, nor do you know their intentions. It has already been proven that hackers like to hover around free wifi spots and wait for their victims. It is just as likely that they hover around torrent networks looking for the same type of people on which to prey.



How It works:

Using IP Blocker is just another way to help protect your computer, your data, and your activities. IP Blocker makes it impossible for your computer to be seen because it masks your IP Address and prevents it from falling into the hands of criminals.

IP Blocker is a VPN or proxy server. It works by providing a connection to the internet through a process that hides your IP Address. Basically, your computer connects to IP Blocker. The VPN then stores your computers IP Address and issues your computer another false IP Address. With the false IP Address, your computer can surf the Internet without exposing your original IP Address. By doing this your computer becomes untraceable. This means that your computer is no longer an easy target of spyware, malware, or hackers. It also means that you are able to do what you want on the Internet without becoming a victim. It doesn’t matter if what you do is legitimate or not. What matters is that you now have the freedom to enjoy all of the Internet.

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