What is Internet Anonymity?

The word anonymity means without a name. Internet anonymity means to use the Internet without a name. You might be wondering how your name is used when you surf the Internet? Your given name is not used, or at least not intentionally used when you surf the Internet. What is used is the name given to your computer. That computer name is in the form of an IP Address. So surfing the Internet without a name means to hide the name of your computer.In technical language that equates to hiding your IP Address.


How Internet Connections Work:

Each time that your computer logs onto the Internet, regardless of the reason, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) assigns your computer an IP Address. IP Address stand for Internet Protocol Address. While it is important that your computer have an IP Address, it is also important for security measures that your IP Address not be exposed. The IP Address contains a packet of information that is vitally linked to how your computer performs with other Internet components, such as websites.
Hide Your IP Address When downloading

The packet of information that is contained in your IP Address tells websites what kind of computer is trying to access the site. Is it a PC or a MAC? It also tells the website what kind of browser your computer is using. Browsers like Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc. all behave differently. So for the website to provide information, pictures, data, in a way that your computer will understand the data the website needs this vital set of information.

Security, Malware, and Internet Crimes:

The sad part about surfing the Internet is that it is now dangerous to just log onto the Internet and surf. In 2012, it took only 20 minutes for malware to find an unprotected computer. In 2005, it took malware 40-60 minutes to find an unprotected computer. So despite improvements in technology and antivirus programs, malware remains a problem. One type of malware in particular is serious. Trojans are often used by hackers because of how trojan’s replicate. Trojans are very good at exploiting weaknesses in security systems. They are very good at finding open ports, or opening closed ports. They also are very capable of reporting back to hackers who can then enter the open port, or just stealing all of your personal data from your computer. Personal data may include bank account numbers, credit card numbers, passwords, your home address, birth date, social security number, etc. All of the information that would be required to steal your identity. The United States Social Security Department lists Identity theft as one of the fastest growing crimes in 2012.

Achieving Internet Anonymity:

Being able to hide your IP Address helps to decrease the likely hood of becoming a victim of the Internet. Internet anonymity can be achieved by using the services of a VPN such as www.hidemyass.com. The VPN hides your IP Address by providing a false IP Address for your computer to use. It takes all of the vital data that the Internet needs and it attaches it to a false IP Address. That is how to achieve anonymity when you surf the Internet.

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