What Makes A Great VPN for P2P or Torrent downloading?



Societies around the world are Internet crazy. It seems as if we are connected to the Internet in almost every way possible. Between home computers, business servers, and mobile connections, the Internet is a vast world that pulls us into it. The Internet; however, is not always the haven that we seek. We may simply wish to visit an Internet store, download a new song, or buy a book, but everyday data is stolen, identities are stolen, and corporations around the globe use spyware to record every thing we do on the Internet. These are just some of the reasons why we need the protection of a VPN. In the following paragraphs are highlighted the best features that VPNs offer. Keep in mind that not all VPNs are the same, nor are the needs of every consumer identical.

VPNWhy We Need A VPN:

Malware and hackers are two reasons that VPNs are needed. It takes on average about 20 minutes for malware to find a host. Even with today’s technology in place, computers fall victim to malware. The primary cause is human error. We either download something we should not, or we turn off our antivirus/antimalware software, or we simply do not renew those subscriptions. Even the best antimalware software is only as good as its last upgrade. This is because as fast as technology changes, so do the virus, malware and hackers. TIP: increase Internet security by updating your antivirus programs regularly.

What is a VPN?

VPN is short for Virtual Private Network. The job of a VPN is to hide your computers IP Address so that your computer can not be traced through its IP Address. VPNs are also a huge network of servers that are located around the world. Some VPNs are only national while others may have servers that are located in 100 or more countries.

VPNs are a way that consumers and businesses can increase their Internet security while conducting business in private. TIP: Increase Internet security by employing the best VPN you can.

What to Look for In a VPN:

Check the Applications: A VPN needs to be broad based and work with as many different applications as possible. On the VPN’s webpage should be a list of platforms that they support. There is no point in using a VPN that does not meet your user needs. Www.hidemyass.com is not only a world class VPN it is a good source to use as a comparison to other VPNs.

Ease of Use: Any application on the web should be easy to use. This includes VPN’s if the service is not easy to use, than it is likely that you will not use it and not using the service is the same as not being protected. Connection to the VPN should be uncomplicated and require nothing more than a user ID and a password.

How Many IP Address does the VPN Control? This is an important question to ask because the more IP Address that the VPN controls the less time you spend waiting for one to come available. VPN’s with lots of IP Address have consumers in mind. Also check to make sure that the VPN rotates the IP Address and that each time you log onto the service that you are issued a new IP Address. This is especially true if you are trying to access a site from which you have been banned.

Protocols and Bandwidths:

A protocol is just a type of connection. So it is important that a VPN have/uses many types of connections or protocols. You never want to be restricted by limitations placed on you by the VPN. The more protocols that the VPN work with the better the service. Bandwidth is a measurement of use, much like cell phone companies and data usage, bandwidth means how much data you transmit and receive. It is best that a VPN have an unlimited bandwidth option for those people who deal with a lot of data.

Customer Service: Contrary to other web practices, customer service is important. If you have an issue using the service, someone should be available to help you sort it out. Customer service and consumer response are both methods by which businesses and services can be rated. Check into the consumer satisfaction of any VPN you choose to do business



Money Back Guarantee: Any web service should offer a money back guarantee. How else are you to know if this is the right service for your needs. If a VPN does not offer a money back guarantee, then don’t use their service. A monthly subscription is hard to cancel if you can not get your money back.

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