Where To Find Proxies for Free

The simple answer to where to find proxies for free is simply to Google Search “ Free Proxies.” The problem is that there are hundreds of free proxies out there, and not all of them are safe to use. Below is a set of questions with answers that can help you find a quality free proxy. Also included is a section that discusses web safety and the potential risks of using free services.



What to Look For in A Free Proxy:

A lot of what consumers should look for is going to be dependent upon their needs, or how and why they use the Internet.

Does The Free Proxy Help With HTTPS:// websites?

For most consumers/clients, a free proxy should not only help you with all HTTP:// address, but also help you with HTTPS:// addresses. Not all proxy service help to protect you when you are utilizing a HTTPS web address. This means that your secure transaction is not all that secure. This service is sometimes referred to as a SSL encryption service. Of all the things we do on the Internet, our most sensitive data is usually exposed when we use an HTTPS:// site. They are usually financial, etc. in nature.

How Many IP Address Are Available:

The number of IP Addresses that a free proxy has available can indicate a lot about their service. Fewer available IP Addresses mean longer wait times and slower Internet speeds. So look for a free service that offers 30 or more IP Addresses.

Does the Proxy Require a Software Download?

In this technical day and age, it is somewhat obtrusive to have to download a program onto your computer so that you can surf the web anonymously. Seriously! Most of us do not need to add anything more to our computers than what we already have installed on them. A quality free proxy should be a site that you log into and surf from there. Not only is it safer to NOT download software, it eliminates all of the special set up procedures that would normally be a part of a software download. Configuration is not always easy and is best avoided by most of us.


Free is not really free. There is a price to be paid for using most free proxies. That price is dolled out in pop-up ads and banner ads on ever single page you visit. These free proxies make their money from ad revenue, which is okay, but highly annoying. Look for a free service that does not intrude with pop-ups and banner ads.

Web Safety:

Web safety is no joke. Each time technology increases the risks of using the Internet increases, as well. Using a free proxy can be just as dangerous as surfing the Internet without being cloaked. Finding a quality free proxy is important. Some proxy servers actually spy on you. Because they make their money from ad revenue, they record what you do so that they can deliver ad content that appeals to you. That entire process defeats many of the reasons why people want and need to use a proxy service. Being able to surf the web without being traced, spied up on, or linked is part of what makes proxy services highly used.

We Recommend www.hidemyass.com as both a free proxy service and a paid VPN service. Readers should research a few sites and compare their services to www.hidemyass.com. A last tip that people can use when comparing services is this: If you can not find the answer to any of the questions that are listed above, on a proxy servers webpage then avoid that service. The features should be easily comparable among different websites.



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