Why Does My IP Address Keep Changing?

The simplest way to answer this question is as a reminder that regardless of how large the Internet is, there are only a certain amount of IP Address to go around. Given that IP Addresses are limited, Internet Service Providers (ISP) divide them into two pools. One pool is designated as Dynamic, and the other pool is designated as Static. The Dynamic IP Address pool is made up of IP Addresses that are shared among users while the Static IP Address pool is made up of Addresses that are issued to a single user, such as a business.

Hide Your IP Address When downloading

For consumers, this means that each time you log onto the Internet that your Internet Service Provider issues your computer a new IP Address from the shared Dynamic pool of IP Addresses that they own. Given the number of people who use the Internet every day, sharing an IP Address is not a bad thing. If we did not share IP Address, many of us would not be able to access the Internet.

In fact, having a dynamic IP Address has some advantages. The best advantage that a dynamic IP Address provides is increased security because each time that you log onto the Internet you receive a new IP Address. This reduces the risk of hackers using your IP Address to do you harm. Another advantage is the lower costs that are realized because we do share IP Address. A Static IP Address costs significantly more to own, than a dynamic IP Address does.

When would A dynamic IP Address not be a good idea?

Any time that your goal is to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection to share files. These types of Internet connections require a static IP Address or one that does not change. Does this mean you need to ask your Internet Service Provider for a Static IP Address? No. You can simply utilize an online VPN service and they will handle your VPN connection for you.

Online Gaming can be a nightmare with a dynamic IP Address only because of disconnection issues that reassigns a new IP Address. It makes it very difficult for online players to find the game if the IP Address keeps changing.

In short, there are some very positive advantages of using a dynamic Internet connection, and even the few times when a static Internet Connection would be the preferred choice, there are online options that help to address the stability needs of consumers.

Hide Your IP Address When downloading

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